This keno 'wheel' has tread

Nov 11, 2008 5:03 PM

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There are several different ways to wheel a group of numbers when you are betting. The most common is to pick what has a good chance of coming in.

Let’s say that your base numbers in keno are the four numbers 35-36-45-46. You have had good luck with these and want to stick to them, but you want to play some 5, 6, 7 and 8-spots.

Four additional numbers (9-10-57-77) you think might come up also. Start by making 15 copies of your original 4-spot ticket. Take one of the 4-spot copies, add one of the additional numbers, and you have a new 5-spot.

Now take another of your 4-spot copies, and add two of the additional numbers to it, giving yourself a new 6-spot. If you take your additional numbers, (9-10-57-77) two at a time, (9-10, 9-57, 9-77, 10-57, 10-77, 57-77) you will end up with six new 6-spot tickets, all wheeled off your original 4-spots!

Now add your numbers three at a time to your 4-spot copies. This will give you four additional 7-spot tickets. Finally, take your one remaining 4-spot copy and add your four additional numbers to it, giving you an 8-spot. You will see that you now have 15 tickets, with four fives, six sixes, four sevens and one eight.

When playing keno, you can accomplish the same thing on one piece of paper, if you play a way-ticket.

When wheeling a group of numbers, you are overlapping. This is good if you hit a few, but that makes it more difficult, Take the top line on the keno layout for example, the numbers 1 through 10. On 6-spot tickets, if we king all the numbers by circling each individually, we will have 210 sixes. (There are 210 combos of 10 taken six at a time.)

If you play a 210-way-6 on this top line, you will hit a solid six if any number comes up. The problem is cost. Many keno players can’t afford to play $100 or $200 per game on a keno ticket.

We can, by wheeling the numbers on the top line, (or any group of numbers, for that matter) cut down the price of playing.

In practical terms, if you happen to hit five out of the 10 numbers, you must hit some three out of sixes, and possibly some four out of sixes or a five out of six.

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