Unions poised to pounce -- Employee Free Choice Act

Nov 11, 2008 5:08 PM

Gaming Insider by Phil Hevener |

The Employee Free Choice Act: Remember that name, we may be hearing a lot more about it as bigger than ever Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress and the Obama administration get settled in Washington.

The Free Choice Act says in so many words that if a union can show signed cards from 50 percent plus one of a company’s employees then a union election is not necessary.

A gaming company CEO who spoke on the condition he not be identified said with a tone of conviction, "We will be hearing a lot more about this because Obama owes so much to organized labor."

The legislation was previously approved by the House in 2007 but died in the Senate as the result of a Republican filibuster. It faced a certain veto by President Bush, according to a Washington Post analysis.

But that was then and here we are at the first light of what looks like a new day, so to speak.

MGM Mirage Senior VP Alan Feldman says there is no question that the Act will get a lot of attention "considering one of its original sponsors is in the White House.

"All we (the industry) want is an even playing field and the way this thing is written now it is totally one-sided," he said.

The goal will be to get some reasonable minds together and work toward a compromise that takes some of the lopsidedness out of existing language.