Optimism runs high in wake of national election

Nov 11, 2008 5:00 PM

Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

Let the chips fall where they may! It goes without saying that due to the election of a man of color that many former persons with "chips on their shoulders" will be falling to the ground. The outlook for a country without prejudice of any kind has become a reality when as short as 20 years ago was beyond the realm of possibility.

My personal experiences have always been affected by some form of prejudices. As a college student in the late 50’s deep in the South I let myself overlook the behavior of some whites, attitudes towards blacks, perhaps because I had my own cross to bear, being a New Yorker and Jewish to boot. I must admit I went along for the ride with the rationalization of "that’s the way it is." It is heartwarming to see that a world without bigotry is possible. If America’s tolerance can be spread throughout all countries what a stunning legacy we can leave for our children and grandchildren.

I really feel like a part of something so astronomical that it is hard to believe. Years ago most wars were started by those opposed to certain religious differences, which were used as an excuse to conquer others for power and glory. This may not be the case in the future – how sweet it can be! Now if they can figure out how to save our homes from foreclosure, stop global warming, funnel inexpensive energy and occasionally pick some point spread winners, what a wonderful world this could be.

We’re coming off a great college weekend and I expect more to come in the ensuing weeks.

Here are a few college totals to guide you that worked well last week, but remember to check the weather before pulling the trigger on overs. Six points difference up or down is a play.


Purdue at Iowa: 52.

Wake at NC State: 35.

Vandy at Kentucky: 33.

Texas at Kansas: 79.

Missouri at Iowa State: 78.

Tulsa at Houston: 80.

USC at Stanford: 48.


Here are a few sides that you may want to consider:


Minnesota at Wisconsin: take Minnesota +14

BYU at Air Force: BYU -4

Boise State at Idaho: first half Boise -17

Nebraska at Kansas State: Nebraska -6½


In the pros this week I’ll start with the Falcons, who have found "Private Ryan" to be everything they hoped for and more. I’ve been bragging about him for weeks, and he’s brought a 6-3 record, and perhaps a shot at the playoffs. Michael who? Take Atlanta- 5, and put a little on the over as the Broncos are defenseless, literally.

Jacksonville will be hosting the 9-0 Titans, who have visions of an undefeated season. They’ve played great with a conservative offense, and a stingy defense, but the dream stops here, as the Jaguars burst their bubble. Jacksonville +1.

Seattle has a coach who has elected to make this his final season. He wishes he had done this last year. He lost Hasselbeck early and at 2-7 has no shot at a playoff berth. The Cardinals cover the field goal as a visitor and the towel has been thrown in. Arizona -3.

Have a great week.