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More to know about Keno's Wheel method

Nov 18, 2008 5:04 PM

by Keno Lil |

As mentioned last week regarding "wheeling," you can use this method with any other group of numbers such as a column, block, or simply your own favorite numbers scattered over the keno board.

If you have nine favorite numbers and want to use them to play a 5-spot "wheel," arrange them in a circle and count out 5-spot tickets. Nine numbers will produce nine different 5-spots.

Remember, this is not a system but a strategy or method of playing that reduces your expense while covering numbers played. For example, you play eight numbers (1-11-9-10-44-45-69-80). You want something different than playing them straight or on way tickets. So, "wheel" them. It will result in some interesting combinations all based upon your favorite eight numbers.

Suppose that you want to play 5-spot and 2-spot tickets off these eight numbers. If playing all kings (1-spots) on your ticket, you would have a total of 56-way-5s and 28-way-2’s or 84 ways! By wheeling, you will end up with 8 fives and 8 twos, which is a little more manageable financially.

Start anywhere on the circle of eight numbers, say at number 45. Count off five numbers in a clockwise manner, 45, 1, 44, 80, 9. This will be your first 5-spot. Your next 5-spot will be 1, 44, 80, 9, and 11. Your third 5-spot will be 44, 80, 9, 11, 69.

Continue around the circle clockwise, until you have written down all eight 5-spots. The last one should be 10, 45, 1, 44, and 80.

Then make your eight 2-spots. Start at 45, getting 45 and 1 for your first 2-spot. Moving clockwise, your second 2-spot will be 1 and 44. Your third 2-spot will be 44 and 80. Continue clockwise around the circle until you write down your eighth 2-spot, which will be 10 and 45.

This 8-spot will probably play for two or three bucks (on the odd chance that all eight come up.) The ticket has eight 5-spots and eight two’s for a total cost per game of about $18-19. Compare this to a king ticket of $86-87 a game.

Here’s a fancy method. Suppose that your numbers are coming up somewhat, but nothing has hit solid. You’ve noticed one seemingly "hot" number that you’d like to start playing. Take each of your 5-spots and add the "hot" number to it, giving you eight 6-spots, each with five of your regular numbers plus the "hot number."

If you want to stick to 5-spots, substitute the "hot" number for one of yours, and construct the fives and twos again.

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