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Angel can't make me 'Believe' Copperfield isn't better

Nov 18, 2008 5:08 PM
The Full Monti by Monti Rock III |

My head is still reeling from the Criss Angel show "Believe" at the Luxor.

Seems like controversy has surrounded this project from Day One. As I wrote last week the show has some redeeming qualities even though it hasn’t made me believe yet. Cirque or not, opportunity for improvement remains with "Believe," but only time will tell.

I’ve written in my column that I’m a great fan of David Copperfield because he’s a magician’s magician. It’s not just about the illusions, but that David makes you believe it. It must be magic!

David works all year long and all over the world which has made him one of the wealthiest magician alive. Some have tried to include David in scandal yet he remains the epitome of what magic is about. Seems everybody wants to be Houdini but there was only one. Enough said.

Aliante Station, the latest creation of Station Casinos, opened 11/11 at 11:11 p.m. This was not by chance either. It was a great evening and everything was well presented. Lori Nelson did a great job for Aliante. While there I ran into Danny and Robin Greenspun who were divine and gracious as ever. The drive north to Aliante is worth a visit, it’s a marvelous sight.

Everyone has heard about the Sands Corporation putting a hold on some of its projects around the world, but let’s not get too excited. After all Sheldon Adelson and his wife are at the top of the list when it comes to vision and creation. Just look at the Venetian and the Palazzo.

Maybe they had to dip into their own pockets for some loose change, so what! The Adelsons have become Las Vegas visionaries and one of the most charitable couples in the world. My dime’s on them.

The Sands Corporation, the Boyd Corporation and others will make it through this stretch of slow. There have been reported employee buyouts and some layoffs while properties trim the fat. Sands has laid off 11,000 construction workers in the Asian market. Station Casinos and IGT have also allegedly laid off employees.

Together with my staff we dropped in at Sahara to see "Fuego Raw Talent." The show reminds me of an eclectic but wonderful presentation that involves passion, voodoo and fabulous Latin music. Pedro Dikan Castano and Deyamira Diaz Fernandez, formerly of "Havana Nights" are outstanding lead singers in the production. These shows have music, passion, beautiful costumes, dancing and many great dancers. What’s not to like?

After many years Legends in Concert will find a new home at Harrah’s starting Dec. 15. The show has been a mainstay at Imperial Palace, but is expected to draw even larger crowds at Harrah’s Showroom. Legends has been home to a lot of talent over the years.

This must be the season for change. My wonderful friend Joanne Downey from the Review-Journal will soon be making a change. After more than 20 years as Special Events Coordinator, Joanne will be leaving to start her own business, Las Vegas Celebrity Services.

Her past efforts will no doubt help to make this venture successful. Joanne’s exceptional kindness to me when I first arrived on the Las Vegas scene 10 years ago will always be appreciated and remembered.

This Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be the big Comedy Festival held annually at Caesars Palace. This year’s headliners include Ellen DeGeneres, Jerry Seinfeld, David Alan Grier, and Katt Williams among others. This week also brought back the one and only Wayne Newton to the MGM. Hopefully, his voice is well rested.

Wednesday night in the Playboy Club at Palms, Joanne Downey introduced everyone to Norm Clarke’s latest book, "Sinsational Celebrity Tales." It was a spectacular evening enjoyed by many. Among those attending to support and congratulate Norm were Dan Marandino, Harrah’s President, UNLV men’s basketball coach Lon Kruger, Danny Gans’ manager Chip Lightman, Mike Weatherford from the Review Journal, and of course yours truly.

Donny Osmond, wearing an eye patch for the occasion, met Norm at a nearby location. The Playboy Club is a no-no for him. The star of the evening had to be the beautiful white rabbit that jumped to the microphone to introduce Norm.

Another great friend of mine recently left the Las Vegas scene and has landed at Agua Caliente Casino and Resort in the Palm Springs area. Phil Cooper is the Executive Director and from what I’ve read so far this has got to be a fabulous place. The theater at Agua Caliente seats 2,000 and has a spectacular lineup of stars like Billy Joel, Tony Bennett, Trace Adkins and funny man Lewis Black. Congrats to Phil.

December will bring Rock Star Auction, hosted by yours truly, that offers everything from Hummers to diamonds. Plan ahead and order your Rock Star Auction Pass by calling 702-755-3628. Don’t forget to tell them Monti sent you. You can also preview the merchandise and get directions to the location. The auction is slated for Dec. 13.

While you’re filling in the blanks of your calendar for December, be sure to leave space for "A Very Disco Christmas" in Las Vegas. This is one of my annual affairs and I’m pleased to announce this year’s Christmas celebration will be hosted by Lance and Eva Posner, Terese DiMartino, Paige O’Hara, Marci Weiss, Diane and David Filter of The English Garden and Michael Politz of

Also note the Million Dollar Weddings by The Rev Monti is offering special incentives through the end of the year.