Note to Las Vegas -- spend a buck to make one

Nov 18, 2008 5:06 PM

Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

With G2E in town this week, I have some suggestions for the movers and shakers in the gaming industry.

The economic news is bleak throughout this great country of ours. Jobs are being lost, factories are closing, etc. Nevada is one of the few states that can help turn the recession market around, and develop a firm economic footing.

How can this be possible when we are dependent primarily upon financial contributions from others who may or may not be able to afford to subsidize our state? folks, as the Godfather says, "Make them an offer they can’t refuse."

Bring back the junkets that helped build this town, bring the food and room prices to an affordable level, subsidize an airline ticket and reward drivers with gas rebates if they drive from out of town.

Forget the bean-counter concept of each casino department having to show a profit, and get the buffet and late night coffee shop bargains back to pricing where they belong.

Don’t forget that we have a product that few can match, as we require no inventory, and no great expenditure other than service. There is no product to assemble or build, and no byproduct to purchase that makes up the whole package.

Our answer is service with a smile, which is intended to make people happy and spend money. We also try to make someone else’s day more enjoyable and consequently become our sales force throughout the world. People will find a way to come to Nevada, and perhaps not spend as much, but we’ll be here, as we can make an offer better than anywhere, and it would be difficult to refuse.

Layoffs and cutting services is not the most lucrative procedure. Spend a buck to make a buck is the solution to our dilemma, and once again we will rise to our previous heights of prosperity, and make the country proud of us. If you build it they will come, especially if you treat folks fairly and respectfully.

Now that we’ve straightened out the casino industry, let’s win a few college football totals. Remember, play them (barring bad weather) if they are 6 points or better than the opening numbers:

Northern Illinois at Kent State: 46.

Miami at Georgia Tech: 36.

Texas Tech at Oklahoma: 80.

Louisiana Tech at New Mexico State: 52.

UTEP at Houston: 78.

Now for a few college football sides.

Ball State -6: How can you argue with a 10-0 record? Ball State

Vandy -3: If Tennessee can lose to Wyoming, why not Vandy? Vanderbilt

Colorado State -2: This ain’t Tennessee.

Boise State -6: State keeps its undefeated record for one more week. Boise St.

Troy -8: Lafayette will score 30, but give up 40. Troy St

Here are a few shots for the pros:

Pats at Dolphins: QB Matt Cassel looks comfortable in this spot as a dog in a low scoring game. Pats +3.

Skins at Seahawks: Seattle looks hopeless even with Hasselback back. Skins -3.

Packers at Saints: New Orleans on Monday night in a shootout. Saints over.

Giants at Cardinals: How can you bet against the best team in the NFL? Giants -3.-

Have a great week.