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Better off not betting against Tennessee Titans

Nov 18, 2008 5:07 PM

Denny the Dog by Dennis Ball |

last week

You have to treat the Titans like offenses playing the Raiders treat Nnamdi Asomugha. Stay away from taking them on or going against them.

Only 11 passes were thrown Asomugha’s way over the first nine games. Opposing QBs don’t mess with him. He might be the best corner the NFL has to offer, but there’s barely any stats to prove it.

And that’s sound advice for anyone considering betting against the Titans. Just stay away. You can bet against Jeff Fisher’s boys if you must, but it’s kind of like banging your head against the sports book wall. You’re going to have a headache come Sunday night.

I have a big headache from betting the picks I gave out last week. Denny The Dog will try to relieve the throbbing and earn back some respect with Week 13 selections:

Bengals +11 at Steelers: (Thursday). Pittsburgh dominated nearly all aspects of the game with Chargers, including penalties. Less flags this week and this should be a blowout. Steelers have not allowed any team to rush over 100 yards this season. STEELERS.

Texans +3 at Browns: Houston 0-5 on the road with an injured defense struggling to plug holes at linebacker and on the frontline. Browns fans hungry to see Brady Quinn win his first home game. BROWNS.

Bills -4 at Chiefs: KC has one win, but it was a home game and this one is at Arrowhead. Chiefs lost to Jets by 4, Bucs by 3 and Chargers by 1 before failing to cover last Sunday versus Saints. Tyler Thigpen has put up respectable numbers over those last four games. Bills have lost three straight on the road. CHIEFS.

Jets +5 at Titans: I’m not messing with the money line here, but I do want the Jets plus the points. Favre & Co. are on a four-game roll and playing well away from home as they showed the Pats. JETS.

Pats +2 at Dolphins: Fish are yet another team on a four-game winning streak, but their last two have been by just a couple points. And that won’t win the money here. Dolphins spanked the Pats in Week 3 when Matt Cassel was still hot from being thrown on the fire. Cassel has now developed quite nicely over the last month. PATS.

49ers +10 at Cowboys: The Cowboys have a new lease on life with the return of Tony Romo. Defense is also capable of stepping up and delivering a knockout blow to a young team. COWBOYS.

Bucs -8 at Lions: Detroit has already imploded. Rod Marinelli’s head must be about ready to explode. Marinelli says he will be back on the practice field teaching and working to get these lowly Lions their first win. Bucs have not been winning by large margins over the last three weeks. LIONS.

Eagles PK at Ravens: Baltimore has played extremely well on the road for over a month. Ravens ran into the G-Men buzzsaw last Sunday. The Eagles will present far fewer problems for this double tough defense. RAVENS.

Bears -7½ at Rams: Bulger attempting to make all the plays knowing there’s not much talent surrounding him. Rams lost their left tackle and right guard during Niners game. Bears should be licking their chops after viewing film of Rams running game without Jackson. Orton should be a little less rusty. BEARS.

Vikings +2 at Jaguars: Both teams feel their seasons slipping away. I’m looking for the home team to find a way to come up with a big win. Vikes may have some big losses to their defense depending on how the commissioner rules on their players allegedly consuming illegal supplements. JAGS.

Panthers +1 at Falcons: Could the Falcons lose two big home games in a row after electrifying the city with such a great early run? The answer is obviously yes, but I really think Matty Ice will have a big game that says no way. FALCONS.

Raiders +10 at Broncos: The Raiders continue to show absolutely nothing on offense. Oakland was 2-for-11 on third down attempts in Miami. BRONCOS.

Redskins -3 at Seahawks: Hasselbeck should improve with another week of reps under his belt. But he threw three picks versus the Cards and the Skins will be ticked off after letting one get away at home last week against Dallas. No rushing support for Hasselbeck. REDSKINS.

Giants -3 at Cards: There’s plenty of hype out there right now on the Giants, but it’s all credible. The G-Men have a great three-prong attack at RB, with the most dangerous being Brandon Jacobs. Cards playing decent, but they’re not in the same league as the Super Bowl champs. GIANTS.

Colts +3 at Chargers: Colts have reeled off wins over Pats, Steelers and Texans. They may not have a chance at the division championship, but they’re back in the Wild Card race. Peyton Manning should find a way to pull this game out. COLTS.

Packers +3 at Saints: (Monday night). Packers came up with a huge win over Bears at home. I think that confidence will carry over to a big road victory. The bottom line for me is the Saints defense gives up too many easy scores. PACKERS.

BEST BONES: Patriots, Colts, Giants.