Take a walk on the 'Wild' side with poker

Nov 25, 2008 5:00 PM

Back in the Saddle by Johnny Hale |

Our family enjoyed the Fall Roundup in Oregon. Fresh air, good food, wonderful country people and poker games we all love to play.

The tourneys at the Wildhorse in Pendleton are a little bit different than the ones we play in Las Vegas.

Here are a few of the differences:

Lots of added cash: The club charges only a $15 entry fee and gives it back by adding over $85,000 in added money to the prize pool.

Low buy-ins: From $100 to $1,000 with 400 to 600 poker players in each event.

No re-buys or house fee satellites: All the money is put in the prize pool of all the satellites and only the players win.

The Oregon tourney also includes:

Live games where the rake is never more than $3.

• Free gourmet buffet for all the players.

• Country food – and fancy food if you want it.

• Affordable Wildhorse room rates. If sold out, there are steep discounts at the nearby hotels.

I won my table in this event and finished with a nice profit,

I hosted over 300 senior poker players that were age 50 and older at "The Seniors" 10th WCOP/HOP. Carol finished tenth in this event.

We were honored to induct Dr. Peter Fisher (85 years young) into "The Seniors" WCOP / Poker Players Hall of Fame and pleased to have 11 of "The Seniors" WCOP/HOF members present to play with us in this event.

OK-J Tip of the Week

During this time of economical uncertainness remember these things:

• Quit a winner.

• Never play in a game where the buy-in is more than five percent of your poker bankroll.

• Know that there are deals again tomorrow!

Remember to say thanks to all the boys and girls who are or have been in harm’s way protecting us here in our homeland of America.

Until next time Stay Lucky!!!