That 305-308 NFL parlay train could be coming in Thursday

Nov 25, 2008 5:04 PM

Vaccaro’s View by Jimmy Vaccaro |

The 305 and 308 will be etched in stone come Thursday morning.

The 305 is the betting number for the Tennessee Titans and 308 is the Dallas Cowboys. By mid-afternoon the meal could be both enjoyable and profitable. However, if it’s a 35-10 Titans final and a 24-3 Cowboys lead early in the third quarter, a lot of sports book managers will be looking for the Pepto.

These games are always a little tricky as you look at a hard cold number, but that is perception as opposed to reality. So how far do you "cheat the line" with your send out if you were in the captain’s chair? It’s early Monday and with a painted 11 and 13 on these two games.

Do you let some value guys buy the first hit on the dogs because you will need them as game time approaches or just book the games as though North Texas and Utah State are involved? I suppose most guys would say you have to make people pay if you want these two sides on the first leg of your five-teamer.

The new wave of this genre doesn’t want 91 cents on a dollar but 20-1 or 40-1 for his Thanksgiving meal. So Lucky’s will probably sell off some 13 on the Lions and 14 on the Seahawks just for a little insurance policy.

On the parlay cards, we could save time by not putting teams on the right hand side of the card. We could have one bet number for the following teams just to save the clerks multiple moves. The two teams mentioned with Oklahoma, Texas, Florida and USC will be as plentiful as cranberry sauce in a few days.

The motive is not to extract any sympathy, but just a brush stroke of how far these things have come. People are looking for the easy outcard for which is none, but they are putting their best effort forward. This week sets off a betting frenzy and we will be jacking up the prices in most cases from here on out.

A lot of the "smarts" will be on the same sides as the receivers probably starting Thursday morning. It was about 15 years ago that we won just about every major decision from Thursday through Sunday when straight bets were involved. Come Sunday night we were losers of about $500K for the week.

How can this happen? Well, when you pay off about 200 four to eight-teamers you will find out if the books are doing good or bad come Friday morning just by the adjustments or lack of come Friday morning.