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Nevada will find a way to recover from economic woes

Nov 25, 2008 5:08 PM

Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

Well, now I know somebody is reading this, as mostly positive statements arrived after last week’s article about "new Vegas" getting back to "old Vegas" and the survival of the previously thought of Nevada being recession-proof.

This state will be fine as people will find a way to find a way. This week we have to divert our attention to the "Big 3" (not to be confused with the Boston Celtics) as our country needs to find a way to justify another bailout.

This time it’s the domestic automakers in order to save millions of jobs for an industry that is inferior to other nations’ products and prices. The Big 3 requested $25 billion of our money to overcome their dilemma. The solution to this problem appears to be not with money, but with a tariff, along with "if it ain’t made here, it can’t trade here."

Even a blind man can see that money is a band-aid that has no chance of a permanent solution. One might speculate that we can’t trade the trade laws that exist, because we’ve signed agreements that are unbreakable. That’s BS, as we’ve encountered a situation that has become broken and needs fixing.

This philosophy pertaining to the auto industry should carry over to other foreign imports, as our country, with it’s higher standard of living, can’t compete with products assembled by workers making much less than our minimum wage.

Ironically, we are making other countries rich with our money, and we are going broke. If we import only specific products that we can’t self-produce, we’ll save jobs and help the economy. "Buy USA" and "Made in USA" should be our creed.

Do you suppose Michael Jordan is having second thoughts about the UPS slogan of "What can brown do for you?" As a co-owner of the Charlotte Bobcats his team is 3-9. Just thought I’d throw that in.

How about Notre Dame and Charlie Weis negotiating an extension?

No more jokes, except maybe the Denver Broncos’ defense. Imagine Oakland scoring 31 points on them: that’s more than they had all season.

The selections on the totals have been pretty good, so I’ll give you a few to bet, regardless of the opening numbers.

Mississippi State at Mississipi: under

Vandy at Wake Forest: under

Virginia at Virginia Tech: under

North Carolina at Duke: under

Georgia Tech at Georgia: under

Texas A&M at Texas: over

Colorado at Nebraska: over

Baylor at Texas Tech: over

Houston at Rice: over

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State: over

Here are a few sides that may warrant a play.

West Virginia -1½

Fresno State +20

Nevada -4

Missouri -13

Florida - 14

Here are some pro picks starting with Turkey Day, as Arizona gets 3 from the Eagles: Cardinals. +4.

The Jets, coming off a big win, host the defenseless Broncos, which should be an easy Jet victory. Lay the touchdown early, as the number may go to 10. Jets -7.

Stick the fork in the Panthers as they visit the Packers and are only getting 3. Packers -3.

Once again the Giants are a must play, as they destroy almost every team they play. Eli is playing more like Payton than Payton. Giants - 3.

Take the Pats +1 as QB Cassel looks more and more like Brady. The Steelers’ injuries weaken their team. Pats +1.

Jacksonville at Houston on Monday night. Who is going to watch this?

Wishing you and yours a happy Thanksgiving and hope your day is family oriented and as pleasurable as I’m sure mine will be.

Have a great week.