Are you ready for a Subway Super Bowl?

Nov 25, 2008 5:09 PM

Denny the Dog by Dennis Ball |

last week

Are you ready for a Subway Super Bowl? It just might be on the way.

A ton of wise guys picked the G-Men back in July as champs in the NFC. That was a statement anyone could have believed, even before the season began. But the Jets? To digest that prediction you would have had to swallow a few cups of cool Favre Kool-Aid. But it’s not that unbelievable anymore.

The Jets beat the best the AFC had to offer last Sunday, ending the Titans’ 10-game winning streak. Brett Favre’s new team is 7-1 in the last 8. The Jets and Giants get nearly all votes when it comes to who is the best team in the NFL right now.

As for a Subway Super Bowl, the Giants should be forced to move their place called home back to New York, or change their name to the New Jersey Giants. Let’s dream for another winning week:

Titans -11 at Lions: It looked like Detroit would break into the win column after jumping on top of Tampa Bay 17-0, but the big goose egg is still there. Not so with Tennessee. That big goose egg in the loss column is gone. I have no vision of a Lions upset, but expect a maximum effort on Turkey Day. LIONS.

Seahawks +13 at Cowboys: Seahawks have lost nine times, but only three have been over this number. Seattle has lost four in a row, but the last three have not been by over 6. Cowboys on the other hand have won two straight, but the lone victory by 13 since Week 1 was last Sunday over the Niners. SEAHAWKS.

Cards +3 at Eagles: If you’re the Eagles, where do you go from here? You play the Ocho Stinko Bengals to a tie, McNabb is picked off four times in the first half last Sunday and his replacement stinks up the place up worse then Ocho. All I know is I’m on Warner’s side. Kurt was over 300 yards in his fifth straight game last week. CARDS.

49ers +6 at Bills: QB Trent Edwards may finally be over the effects of the concussion that sent the Bills into a four-game tailspin. Running for two scores and passing for a couple more tend to make aches and pains go away. The Bills shouldn’t catch the Niners with their pants down, but with Singletary you never know. BILLS.

Ravens -6½ at Bengals: Baltimore reminds me of its Super Bowl team several years ago when carried by a tremendous defense and a modest offense. This defense isn’t quite as good as that one, but it’s not far off. And the offense with Joe Flacco tossing zero picks in five of his last six games is much better. RAVENS.

Colts -4 at Browns: If Indy can leave Pittsburgh with a big 24-20 win like they did a couple weeks ago, they should be able to triple that effort here. Somewhere between last season and now, Romeo lost his football team. I’m afraid what Jamal Lewis and Joshua Cribbs said is true. Several of his players have quit on him. COLTS.

Panthers +3 at Packers: Green Bay played a big home game two weeks ago and embarrassed the Bears, 37-3. Panthers had their huge road game last week in Atlanta and came up short. I see that trend continuing this Sunday. PACKERS.

Broncos +7½ at Jets: If Jets coach Eric Mangini’s head gets any bigger his headset won’t fit around it! Old man Favre is playing well at QB and who wouldn’t blame the Jets for feeling cocky after big wins over the Pats and Titans. Broncos coming off a loss to Oakland that must make them question their legitimacy. JETS.

Dolphins -8 at Rams: I usually look forever to find a reason to take the dog. But with Bulger being knocked out, Trent Green throwing four INTs and running backs like Darby, Pittman & Co. combining for 14 yards, I’m not siding with the Rams. DOLPHINS.

Saints +4½ at Bucs: These two clubs have gone in opposite directions since Week 1 when the Saints defeated the Bucs 24-20. It’s New Orleans that’s on the ropes. Tampa Bay is tied with Carolina for first in the division. Brees & Co. should provide plenty of punch as a live dog on the road in this spot. SAINTS.

Giants -3 at Skins: A gutsy Clinton Portis rushed for 143 yards at Seattle while nursing a knee injury. I didn’t like the grimace on his face after leaving the field. I’m not sure Jason Campbell can pull this one out without a completely healthy Portis. G-Men have won six straight and that Browns loss is only thing from 11-0. GIANTS.

Falcons +4½ at Chargers: San Diego is off tough losses to Pittsburgh and Indy. The week before they barely beat KC. Prior to that was losses to Buffalo and New Orleans. I just don’t like the pattern. Michael Turner returns to his old home turf where he can prove something to LT. Falcons 3-1 ATS in last 4. FALCONS.

Steelers +1 at Patriots: I’m a big fan of both these tough teams. I hate to take a side, but I’m a bigger fan of Matt Cassel. He’s been over 400 yards in the last two games. Big home field advantage and I feel like the Pats entire team is rallying around the young QB. PATS.

Chiefs + 3 at Raiders: Neither team has much hope at this point in the season. I always take the points when I find little hope and less talent. CHIEFS.

Bears +4 at Vikings: Who knows which Bears or Vikings team shows up? Denny The Dog never gives any points away when both teams show so much inconsistency. BEARS.

Jaguars +3½ at Texans: How do you get excited about a Jags team that’s 1-4 in its last 5? How do you put hard-earned money on Houston, which is 1-3 in its last 4? On Monday night no doubt what to do. Take, take! JAGS.

Best bones: Bills, Jets, Giants.