Tryptophan gets me through turkey football games

Nov 25, 2008 5:07 PM

Getting Rich with Saber by Richard Saber |

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First of all I would like to wish all our readers out there a very happy Thanksgiving. For those of you that love turkey as I do, you may want to eat a big sandwich around 11 a.m., which will be around halftime of the Titans-Lions game.

It may be a good time to get a big dose of tryptophan and nap through the second half.

A spokesman for the NFL when asked about the point spread of the infamous game between the Steelers and the Chargers when the official blatantly made a bad call that cost Pittsburgh bettors, he said he doesn’t care about gambling or fantasy leagues or point spreads.

Hey all you arrogant NFL idiots, if it weren’t for gambling on pro football you wouldn’t have a product and you would not be making all those big TV bucks. Your players would be making what they deserve to make which would be that of an average bus driver.

This past Thursday "Big Ben" (Roethlisberger) looked like he knew what the point spread was when he drove the Steelers down the field to get that last score and give the Pittsburgh faithful the cover and some redemption. Yes all you NFL airheads, we do make bets in Pittsburgh!

Since most of us will be betting the games on Turkey Day, I will make an attempt to pick a four-team parlay.


Titans -11 at Lions: Tennessee could be in a foul mood after a humiliating home loss at the hands of the Jets. After watching the Lions this past Sunday, I would be hard pressed to make a wager on them even though they are getting double digits. TITANS.

Seahawks +12½ at Cowboys: Now we find a game we can really sink our teeth into after awaking from our little tryptophan induced nap. Seattle will play the Cowboys close the entire game. Just take the points, relax and enjoy. SEAHAWKS.

Cards +3 at Eagles: The Eagles offense looks to have gone south for the winter as they could only get 13 against the Bengals and 7 against the Ravens this past week. The Cards can score and if the Philly offense stays stagnant it shapes up as a loss at home despite Arizona coming in and playing in a very cold, hostile place. Get the weather report for this game. If it snows take Philly. If the weather is okay, don’t. CARDS.


Bills -6½, Ravens -6½, Pats -1

College football

Texas A&M +34 at Texas: The Aggies just flat out don’t like the Longhorns and have beaten them the last two years. This is the highest point spread between these two in the last 10 years. The most that Texas won by in that span is 31 in 2003. A&M.

Here are my remaining selections for the weekend:


Ole Miss -13, UTEP +5½, Boise St -19½


Maryland +6½ at Boston College: Get out and bet this game early. This line will go higher and the 6½ looks like a real bargain. The Terrapins are done, finished. BC is looking for a nine-win season. BOSTON COLLEGE.

Syracuse +22 at Cincinnati: Syracuse got its win last week over the Irish and after celebrating all week must play the red hot Bearcats. Cincy has won and covered its last four games (South Florida, West Virginia, Louisville, Pittsburgh). Bearcats can win out for an 11-victory season plus the Orange Bowl. CINCINNATI.

Also: Rice +3, Oklahoma State +7½, Tulsa -14, NC State +1

FLASH: Steubenville Big Red cruised to a 30-6 win this past week and will play undefeated and top-rated Alter for the Ohio state high school championship this weekend in Columbus.