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SD approves plans for Ramkota complex in Deadwood

Nov 28, 2008 7:00 PM

by Kevin Stott | On Monday the South Dakota Commission on Gaming approved a new design and floor plan for a casino and convention center complex which is now starting to be built on the northeast side of Deadwood the Rapid City Journal reported.

The commission previously rejected in December 2007 a plan to tie the 12 buildings in the project together in a mall-type configuration, citing inadequate safety measures and unfair competition with other casinos in Deadwood as ultimate factors in their decision.

The ownership team of Mike, Ryan and Rob Wordeman along with Dave Sweet of Sioux Falls appealed the commission’s decision to the state courts. The circuit court found in their favor and returned the matter back to the state’s gaming commission. However, the design of the mall was changed and separate building designations with conforming floor-to-ceiling walls on four sides were then created.

The proposed new design met with the commissioners’ favor on Monday, receiving an approval vote of 4-0. Gaming Commission chair Ralph Kemnitz was quoted as saying, "I know all of Deadwood wants that facility out there."

The construction on the facility is well on its way, with the frame of the building already standing. The vote now paves the way for developers to have 10 separate designated buildings within the complex. Under the state’s gambling laws, each building in a casino in Deadwood may have as many as 30 card tables or slot machines in it.

The proposed plan includes City of Deadwood ownership of the convention-center facility that will be surrounded by a hotel, casino, restaurant, lounge and a water park. Under the proposal, the city of Deadwood would own the convention center, and the reminder of the complex would be owned by Deadwood Resorts LLC. The coming $35 million casino complex will officially be named The Lodge at Deadwood.