The 'Manning' is Eli!

Jan 23, 2008 12:10 AM

Getting Rich with Saber by Richard Saber

The dream Super Bowl matchup for Nevada Books did not happen as Eli Manning and his New York Giants beat the Packers in Green Bay. Now, Eli is coming.

Hide your heart, for those of you who are too young to remember that Three Dog Night song it is an oldie but a goody from the í60s. Go to YouTube and dig it out.

I watched the entire game as I had a nice teaser going from the Pats -7 to the Packers -Ĺ. That ticket is now in the trash.

It just looked to me that Eli handled the cold much better than Favre. Maybe it was just a much younger player with a lot more stamina. As for the Pats they are not a football team, but a machine. Even with one of the few errors by Brady, they were still able to win. I wonít make my selection until next week, but the early line was Pats -14 with a total of 55. But that has already been hammered down to -13 with a total of 53Ĺ.

I just read a recent article about how overall wagering on horses in the United States has declined for the third time in the last four years. What amazed me is that the president and chief executive of The Jockey Club stated that he just did not know what to make of it as the purses were higher.

Well if he would just come out from under his rock he would be able to figure it out. Sir, purses are up not because of better surfaces but because of slots and racinos. The handle is down because the big bettors that wonít go to the racetrack or racino can not get a rebate anymore, canít bet on the Internet, canít bet out of the USA. Therefore, they are playing elsewhere.

After talking to a lot of everyday horse players, they all have the same thing to say. We used to be able to win once in a while, but with all the new surfaces and drug trainers it is impossible. The form is useless, speed figures are useless. It has become a lottery.

All the California tracks care about are pick six carryovers so that someone betting in one of the OTB outlets in another state can win a few hundred thousand. How often do you see the winner coming from on-track? Wake up and just maybe you still have a chance at saving the game.

It used to be that you could trust a good trainer to get his horse ready with a few races, but now trainers bring horses back after several months of down time and run like John Henry. As for going to the track, the only people that do are the owners, their friends and the trainers.

People that want to make few bets will go if they live closer to the track than to an OTB. At least if you bet in Vegas, you get to park free, get a free scratch sheet, a free form or pay a dollar if not a regular. Not to mention free drinks and food.

Most likely if I lived out of town I would not bet horses. I would have to take up golf or go to the movies more often or just stay home and read a good book. California tracks also try and come up with bets that few people can hit like the new super high five in the last race.

They use to have a superfecta in the last race where you pick the four finishers in order, but now there is no more super. Itís the high five, where they can get a carryover. What amazes me is that the track is looking for handle, but you canít make the bet here in Nevada. And, now you canít even play the super in the last race. That to me is a lot of lost revenue. Yes Sir, you better come out from under that rock.

This past week Club Cal Neva, which runs five sport books here in Las Vegas, (Tuscany, Binions, 4 Queens and in Henderson Casino Valley Verde and Stetson) put out a very interesting parlay card that had all half points including most points scored.

Nick Bogdanovich is one gutsy sports book operator and I am very anxiously waiting to see what he intends to do regarding his Super Bowl card.