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Leroy's College Basketball Challenge

Nov 29, 2008 8:22 PM

by Kevin Stott | Always willing to come up with the perfect contest to cater to the betting public’s needs in the Silver State, Leroy’s Race & Sports Book is offering its College Basketball Challenge for a second straight year.

Sign-ups for the contest began on Monday (Dec. 2) and the entry fee is $250 with a maximum of three entries. The deadline for entries is 7 p.m. on Jan. 2.

The contest features all half points and asks contestants to select from a menu of college basketball games played each Saturday. The point spreads for the games in the contest will be released weekly every Friday.

Leroy’s College Basketball Challenge will run for 10 weeks from Jan. 3 to March 7 with 100 percent of all entry fees returned in the form of cash prizes.

The contest will pay out to the first 16 places with the entrant with the most wins taking home 30 percent of the total prize pool. Based on a target of 200 entrants, first place in the contest would pay out $15,000.

Second place will receive 15 percent of the total entry fees, third place 10 percent, fourth place 8 percent, fifth place 7 percent, sixth place 6 percent, seventh place 5 percent, eighth place 4 percent, ninth place 3 percent and 10th through 16th places will take home 1 percent of all entry fees.

In a special contest within a contest, Leroy’s will also award 5 percent of the total prize pool to the entrant with the most wins in the final four weeks (Feb. 14-March 7 of the contest.

All ties between contestants will result in equally split aggregate prize money from the respective places.

Contestants, who must be 21 years of age, have until tip-off of their earliest game selected on Saturdays to enter at any of the more than 60 Leroy’s locations in the state of Nevada.

Heading into last weekend in Leroy’s College Football Challenge, contestant "Reginald K. Ril." was atop the leaderboard with a 54-30 record with a one-game lead over two contestants in second place at 53-31 after putting up a perfect 7-0 week to grab sole possession of first place.