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Don't argue with success -- Diamond style!

Dec 2, 2008 5:10 PM

Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

Well, for the past month I’ve focused on problems facing our world, our state and most of all our country. These articles have been read by many of our fellow countrymen and women with real results in a very short period of time. Not being a bragging person it is difficult in this case to be humble with the astounding accomplishments I’ve achieved. There are numerous examples to inform you of, but mostly you are aware of the progress we’ve all made anyway.

Just to refresh your memory, let’s start with the elimination of our Presidential candidates nitpicking on each other. When was the last time you heard them say anything derogatory towards each other? Perhaps Nov. 5. How about the article regarding spend a buck to make a buck? Almost all of our local retailers have dug deep throughout the state and have discounted enormous amounts from their products with the results being many unforeseen purchases prior to the Xmas season, which is only getting started. Black Friday was black.

For those fortunate enough to work on Thanksgiving, many received time and a half on their checks. Certainly a step in the right direction, and with Xmas approaching more great things are going to happen.

On the national scene Congress told the "Big 3" auto companies to come back with a plan and maybe we’ll bail you out. Certainly all of our members of Congress have by now read the vital suggestions in that article, and are contemplating my personal suggestion of "if it ain’t made here it can’t trade here." Some evaluate that as brilliant, but to me it’s just another idea to help our country.

Most assuredly you’ve all noticed the reduction in gas prices since my articles began. While I can’t take all the credit for that, but at least partially it must be recognized that the suggestions read in GamingToday had their effect on local and national impact on the so-called recession, which will soon be just a memory. Peace and prosperity are only a few months away, so hang on; good times are around the corner. I’ll see to it, that is, if I still have this job in 2009.

The menu this week is slim, but there is quite a bit of quality:

Louisville at Rutgers: Weather may be a factor here; take the two-touchdown gift and pray for rain. Louisville +14.

Buffalo vs. Ball St: Buffalo plus points at a neutral field looks like a steal, even if Ball State is undefeated. Buffalo +14.

Navy vs. Army at Philadelphia: We all watch this game, but I don’t know why. Navy doesn’t pass, but they are the best team by far. Navy -10.

USC vs. UCLA: The Bruins get 30 points. You gotta take them. I know they stink, but they’ll play hard. UCLA +30.

Mizzou vs. OK: OK wins but not by 15 and a half. Mizzou can also score. Mizzou +15½.

Here are some pros:

Jaguars at Bears: Not only are the Jags coming off a short week, but they are experiencing an underachieving season. Bears -4.

Texans at Packers: Packers are in the mix with a much superior team; also bad weather can only help the home team. Green Bay -5½.

Redskins at Ravens: Skins offense is predictable and the Ravens know how to stop this type of team. Plus, Ravens have found an offense, as they stroll happily toward the playoffs. Ravens -5.

Eagles at Giants: I’ve been on the Giants all season, but giving the Eagles 8 points with McNabb healthy is out of line. Eagles +8.

Note: Broncos suffered many injuries last Sunday, especially defensively. Thus, an over bet seems like the likely wager here against the Chiefs. But before you pull the trigger check the weather. Over.

Have a great week.