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My take on poker cheats

Dec 2, 2008 5:00 PM

Back in the Saddle by Johnny Hale |

My wife Carol will like that my subject this week is cheating – in poker, that is.

I know that you think that everything is Simon Pure and that the world is a full of roses and chocolate candy. Yes, I am guilty of overprotecting you and creating that ivory tower. You know that Ivory soap is 99 percent pure and it floats!

But today, I must say that we are no longer in Kansas and even your little dog "Toto" is sometimes bad and will mess up your carpet.

Here in Las Vegas we have casinos, politicians, policemen, county commissioners, auto repairmen, plumbers, computer technicians, doctors, lawyers, insurance companies, bankers, Indian chiefs, stockbrokers. And then there’s a Gaming Commission, whose employees are appointed by the politicians and a 100 or so other people not limited to poker players in the New West.

Nowadays we have computer poker sites. My wife loves to play poker on the Internet so it is my responsibility to advise you to only play very low limits or for fun only when playing poker online.

It’s like the days in the Old West when crooks salted the mine. Well in those days of get rich quick by finding a gold mine, they did not always find the gold. However, they would pretend it was true in order to sell a lot of shares of stock in the new gold mine for big bucks.

Well, the Internet poker sites can also salt the poker games on their sites. A new player finds his way into the online poker site and chooses his seat. The site can very simply designate which chair will win any hand. They salt the player and let the new entrant keep winning until he or she doubles and redoubles the winnings.

The site encourages the new player to go tell friends to come and play. They even reward the person cash for everyone drawn to the poker site. But after inviting all the friends, suddenly that person’s chair is not selected to be the winner and all the money goes away.

In a casino poker room you may play 40 or more hands per hour and they may charge you $4 per hand or around $160. Online, the hands go up to say $100 per hour and the rake is 5 percent up to $3 which equals $300. This is just one of the ways that the owners of the Internet sites salt online poker games.

OK-J Tip of the Week

If you are losing almost every time you play, don’t stand by your opinions with bullheaded conviction that you are a good poker player. If you cannot whip them, quit. Otherwise, wise up and play like the winners play.

Until next time remember to Stay Lucky!