Soaking in NBA, here's a 6-pack

Jan 23, 2008 12:47 AM

Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond

After watching as many NBA games as possible, a few generalizations come to mind. There appears to be only six clubs out of 30 that play the game as a team and not as an individual showcase. One of these teams should be the eventual 2008 champion.

1. Phoenix – Behind Steve Nash this club plays together but may lack the rebounding strength to complete the job.

2. Portland – A great surprise as they lost their No.1 pick, 7-footer Greg Oden, prior to league play and thus can’t maintain their winning ways. They deserve a great deal of credit in how they unselfishly play together. Watch out for this club in 2009.

3. San Antonio – Behind superstar Tim Duncan this team has to be totally respected. Their prior accomplishments on the defensive side of the game have been so successful that even the pessimistic onlooker knows that the NBA Championship must go through San Antonio.

4. Boston – With a lineup of three great players who play totally as a team, the Celtics have a great chance of getting to the finals.

5. Dallas – With Coach Avery Johnson’s never ending emphasis on defense, this club behind MVP Dirk Nowitzki is just a hair away from getting there this season.

6. Detroit – The Pistons play totally as a team and their starters have been together for years, with the exception of Big Ben Wallace, who they have adequately replaced. But their window of opportunity for another title may well be closed after this season.

That’s it – take your pick. Oh! Wait! I forgot about the Lakers. Oh, well. You can too. No way!

I’ll intensively spend the next week researching to see if another Manning possibly can win a Super Bowl.

As stated in the past, I’m the first to admit that the world has passed me by. There are so many things I can’t understand about modern culture that I realize I just can’t keep up.

However, the one constant is the law of our land, which until today I could easily explain to any and all who were willing to listen.

What then has turned my head you ask? Last week NBA superstar LeBron James got a speeding ticket just outside of Cleveland for going 101 mph in a 65 mph zone. LeBron said the following.

"I was doing 101, that’s it I was speeding. I’ve just got to abide by the law. I got caught. It happens."

Up to this point I fully understood the entire incident. However, the next action thoroughly dropped me back to the "Twilight Zone." Lawyer Colin Jennings filed a not guilty plea for James in Medina Municipal Court. A hearing is scheduled for Feb. 11.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Needing an intelligent legal explanation I turned to my son, Kevin, who I believe is bordering on brilliant. Much to my shock he gave a green light of approval to the entire incident. My argument was simple, the guy admits breaking the law and somehow his lawyer pleads not guilty. Kevin insists that the lawyer did the right thing.

I give up, the world has passed me by in all phases. Have a great week!