New games offer hope for keno players

Dec 9, 2008 5:02 PM
Cluster Keno by L. J. Zahm |

For those of us who love video keno, we’re always looking for new games that could pique our interest, and give us a few jackpots along the way.

There’s a new slot maker on the scene, Incredible Technologies, which recently became approved to manufacture and distribute machines in Nevada.

Among the company’s offerings is a line of electronic keno machines, which appear to take the game to a new level.

Unveiled at last month’s G2E expo, the new video keno games under the Magic Touch brand are available with pay tables that range from 86 percent to 99 percent payback.

Hopefully, once they reach the casinos some time next year, they’ll be in the upper end of the payback scale; especially since the payback in Nevada has been dropping from its standard 92 percent payback, mostly with multi-card games such as Four Card Keno and 20-Card Keno, in recent years.

I must confess the pay tables I saw on the demo models at last month’s G2E weren’t viable – they were actually lower than current Nevada pay tables, more along the lines of pay tables found in tribal casinos.

 Nonetheless, the games were intriguing and could provide a spark for keno players.

- For instance, in addition to the standard 80-card, 20-ball keno games, there’s a game called Pop Up 25, which features a 25-square keno grid and only five balls. A player can pick one to five numbers (remember there are only 25 squares), which makes for a fast and furious keno game!

 Another game, Super Pop Up Keno, uses the classic 80-square keno grid with 20 balls, one of which is a super ball multiplier that can increase your payoff.

That super ball multiplier is also found on a couple of other keno games, Super Keno and Pop Up Keno.

All of the keno games feature high-definition graphics and digitally-enhanced sound. There’s also a 3-D feature in which the balls can drop or pop out of the grid.

Overall, I’m looking forward to these new games hitting the casino floors. If they can get the pay tables correct, these new games could be just what we keno lovers have been waiting for.