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Solid 6 wins in keno

Dec 9, 2008 5:01 PM
Keno Lil |

This week’s ticket features an elegant symmetry. Pick your 16 most likely numbers, and circle 4 groups of 3 and 4 kings (1-spot groups.)

While this ticket is a little rich for me, I have had good success hitting several solid 6’s and many 5-of-6. I don’t believe that 6-spots are in general good tournament tickets and don’t recommend it for dime a way play either.

This ticket is ideal for a 50¢ special rate play where your solid 6 will pay in the neighborhood of $1,300 at most casinos. This gives you leeway for tax purposes.

You can hit a 3-3 solid 6, which accounts for six of the ways. You can hit a 3-1-1-1, which accounts for 16 of the ways. If you hit a solid 6 on the 3-1-1-1, you will also have three 5 of 6’s for winnings of $1,450. That’s still below tax reporting level.

On 16-spots, you will average a hit of four per game. A hit of 5- or 6-spots is not that unusual. If you are lucky, the hits will be distributed in the right way to make you some money!


Catch             Frequency             Odds for One Against

6/6                 .0025                 398.65

5/6                 .0427                 23.38

4/6                 .2507                 3.98

3/6                 .6117                 1.63

2/6                 .9451                 1.05

1/6                 .9427                 1.06

0/6                 .8176                 1.22


There are 175 distinct catches on the ticket, and the most likely one, at about 8.47% of the time, is 1-1-0-0-1-0-0-0. If you can find a place to play this ticket for 25¢ or even a dime per way (for $2.20) you will find it rewarding.

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