Suspensions key in college Bowl games

Dec 9, 2008 5:03 PM
Vaccaro’s View by Jimmy Vaccaro |

Well, we’re heading into another bowl season with matchups and numbers.

It’s always exciting and challenging with multitudes of ideas and opinions to get to point spread winners. We all have about the same menu from looking at the underdog first to who puts more people in the seats. And always there is the "who has the strongest conference" angle?

You put your hours in and ultimately your cash up only to miss the dreaded "suspensions" that will definitely come as they have since the beginning of midterm exam week. Now it should come 50-50 on whether you get the best or the worst of suspensions, but we only hear about the worst.

That alone still won’t guarantee a winner.

So along with exams and the kids having a few extra days off, anything can happen and usually will. This is the basic reason that we go week to week with offering new cards to try and update and truthfully not book these parlay card games in this situation. The unwritten rule is that after we accept your bet you tell us. And, that is as fair as it gets.

The first time I was involved in a spot like that was the 1978 Orange Bowl game when Lou Holtz was coaching Arkansas against Oklahoma. The Sooners were close to a 10-point favorite, but Holtz suspended five guys including his two best runners.

The adjustment came as high as -16 and we had taken play on both sides. Some guys beat me in and laid 10 and 11, but told me after the second bet. Now word traveled quickly (not in ESPN speed) but you get the drift.

People who took the 10 early thought they got heisted and those who laid it were elated. Not to have any sympathy for your man, but it was an uncomfortable spot even though there was nothing anyone in the business could do about it. But, that was over 30 years ago.

Although police blotters are bigger than ever, it seems to take on a different look here. We actually have a few weeks where we are involved in this process with grades and not nightclubs or parties becoming the main focus on who takes the field. So if you see a game off both the card and the board, this is probably the case.

So this cat and mouse game will probably go on until Christmas break, but in the long run it tends to balance out. Oh by the way the "suckers" who took the "Hogs" +10 against the Barry Switzer-led Sooners won the game outright 31-6. Yes, Lou won this game on the field and at ESPN.