Donny Osmond signs deal to play NY-NY

May 22, 2001 12:00 PM

Who says fading stars can’t shine again? It’s official that Donny Osmond will go on his first tour in more than a decade. He just finished playing Chicago, and my spies tell me he was brilliant. Donny is set to play New York-New York’s Broadway Theater, July 10-14. Speaking of Donny, he would make the perfect choice to replace Springfield in EFX, but we haven’t reached that bridge yet.

It’s also official that Robert Goulet will open at The Venetian on June 2. Some of his guest stars will include Paige O’Hara, who did so well in the Flamingo’s Rockettes, and was also the voice of Disney’s "Belle" in Beauty and the Beast. This will be a must-see show, as it promises to recapture some of the Golden Era type of entertainment that has slowly slipped away.

It’s also official that Celine Dion was penned a long-term deal to play the huge Colosseum, currently being built at Caesars Palace. We broke this news weeks ago! Celine will be part of a massive production that debuts in 2003.

Over at the Aladdin, there’s much ballyhoo about the Tony Curtis show that will open in about a year. It will be called "Some Like It Hot." But this week’s hot production is "Fosse," the touring Broadway musical. Congratulations to the Aladdin for bringing in first-class stage shows like their Broadway series.

The Aladdin has not confirmed or denied that the Carmen Electra Show is still in the works. We all know that the hotel is having financial concerns, but I expect it will survive because it has a lot going for it.

The New Frontier continues to have problems filling their showroom. Two pretty decent shows, Kenny Kerr and The Legends of Comedy, have closed and a new one, another comedy show, will open soon. I hope Bill Kirchenbauer (Legends of Comedy) and the wonderful Kenny Kerr, who is a legend as a female impersonator, resurface at another showroom soon.

Despite the rumors of a new Cirque du Soleil show, the MGM Grand has assured me that EFX isn’t going anywhere, at least not in the immediate future. Since these properties have proven success with their abstract circuses, they may have yet another hit if they pursue this route. As I always say it’s good to go with a proven hit.

The Vegas lounges are a proven watering hole for up and coming talent. A case in point is Earl Turner, who has left the lounge to become a headliner at the Rio. At the Bellagio, we have Vargas who hails from Detroit. His latest CD is You Perfect Stranger. I once witnessed this performer doing Bobby Darrin at the Imperial Palace. With the right backing he could be the next main room act. In the same room we have Jimmy Hopper who alternates with Vargas.

Next weekend Bob Anderson and Jeff Kutash are flying me to Atlantic City to see their show arranged by Artie Butler titled "The Main Event." They hope to bring this show to Las Vegas, ASAP.

Taxi Tops and Taxi TV unveiled their new Taxi TV starring Wayne Newton. This is a new way to promote the shows around town. When you are in the cab there is a small TV that shows current production shows.

At a recent party at Drai’s, there was the legend himself, Wayne Newton, looking tan and fit, plus Sheena Easton, Clint Holmes, and some of the most important media types.

At Mandalay Bay, Storm is holding its own, and next weekend they kick off their beach concert series. What a great way to enjoy a concert! We also have Juan Gabriel, who is the biggest Mexican singer, and songwriter performing there.

Finally, I take back what I said about David Cassidy kicking around Sheena. Of course he’s never laid a boot on her! Sometimes this columnist thinks he’s clever but he’s not. For the record I hold David Cassidy only in the highest regard. David is a great producer, performer, writer and supporter. I would never hurt David or his wife, Sue.