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Millions for some Putz!

Dec 16, 2008 5:01 PM

Getting Rich with Saber by Richard Saber |

last week

The recession deepens and normal people keep losing their jobs, cars and homes. Small and large companies barely staying afloat yet it amazes me what went on with baseball this past week.

Teams were tossing around money like it was the Roaring 20’s. Let’s take just a short look at some of the worst money thrown away. The Kansas City Royals signed Kyle Farnsworth for two years and are paying him $9.5 million. He can’t start, he didn’t do well as a setup man and has never been a good closer.

Tell me how I can get that job!

The Cleveland Indians are giving Kerry Wood $20 million. Yes, $20 million to be their closer. Now the Tribe really needs some bullpen help, but how many times will Wood be on the DL over the next two years? He has been plagued with a bad elbow and shoulder. To pay $20 mil for some disabled list pitcher in waiting is nuts.

The Arizona Diamondbacks traded for Scott Schoenweis from the Mets for a minor leaguer. Sorry, I will take the minor leaguer. Scott is a lefthander, who comes in from the bullpen and throws gas on the fire. It’s amazing teams still want him, which proves that he has a great agent.

Either that or there are too many teams and not enough quality players to go around. If I was only born a lefty!

The New York Mets acquired Francisco Rodriguez and J.J. Putz for their bullpen as late inning failures cost them the last two seasons. Whatever they did was needed regardless of the cost.

Now that leaves the Yankee$$. Let’s see, $180 million for CC, $80 million for A.J. Now that’s $240 million or 60 per initial. No normal working stiff can afford a ticket to a Yankee$$ game. Once again they overpay for talent and what’s worse is they pay for too many years.

The normal Joe is suffering from bad times and we still have to listen to these overpaid professional athletes whine.


Thursday, Dec. 18

Colts -6½

Saturday, Dec. 20

Ravens +4 at Cowboys: Both teams off big games, but Ravens may be crushed after giving the game away late. COWBOYS.

Sunday, Dec. 21

Titans -1½, Eagles-Redskins UNDER, Panthers +7, Texans -7.

College Bowls

Saturday, Dec. 20

W. Forest -2½, Colorado St +3 and OVER 60½, Memphis +12½, BYU +3,

Sunday, Dec. 21

Troy-So.Miss OVER 54½