Romo's grit awards Cowboys a gigantic win

Dec 16, 2008 5:03 PM

Denny the Dog by Dennis Ball |

last week

Shut up and play ball!

That’s the message I want delivered to the Dallas Cowboys, and more specifically, Jerry Jones and Terrell Owens. Contrary to popular belief, the hole in the roof in Dallas is not so God can see his team play. It’s so all the hot air that’s spewed by Owens and Jones can filter out safely without the stadium exploding.

T.O. should stop granting interviews for the rest of the season. While we’re at it, Jerry should keep his mouth shut to reporters so he won’t "accidentally" question the manhood of his best running back (Marion Barber) and maybe the best closer in the NFL!

If they both do that, maybe the Dallas Cowboys could actually have a chance to become America’s team, instead of the team America loves to hate. But the chances of that happening are slim and none.

Thank goodness for that hole in the roof!

Now, thankfully, on to Week 16.

Colts -7 at Jaguars: If the Colts couldn’t blow Detroit out at home, how can we be confident they’re going to cover a TD spread on the road against a better team? JAGS.

Ravens +4 at Cowboys: Gutsy performance by Tony Romo in a do-or-die game versus Giants. Ravens have overachieved all season with their rookie QB. But Flacco couldn’t get the job done in the clutch against the Steelers. It may signal a decline. Cowboys on the other hand may have been ignited by the blown Steelers game. COWBOYS.

Bengals +3 at Browns: Cleveland has long since packed it in. Romeo will be packing his belongings for a move out of town in a couple of weeks. But Brownies may want to give Romeo a parting gift. BROWNS.

Saints -7 at Lions: Detroit isn’t giving up without a fight. That’s one thing Rod Marinelli hasn’t lied about in post-game conferences. The kitty cats may have lost 14 straight, but I hope you haven’t bet against them the last two weeks because they’ve covered both games. Hell hath no fury like an 0-14 home junkyard dawg! LIONS.

Dolphins -4 at Chiefs: Miami hasn’t allowed a TD in three straight games. But my money is going on the side that’s won the money the last three weeks. CHIEFS.

Falcons +3½ at Vikings: Tough matchup with both teams clawing for their lives. Right now I have to give the edge to Peterson over Turner by a nose. Matt Ryan continues to get the job done in his rookie season, but Tarvaris Jackson has stepped up to the plate and hit a pinch hit home run for Gus Frerotte. VIKINGS.

Cards +7 at Patriots: Who did Matt Cassel remind you of with his four touchdown performance at Oakland? I’m not saying he’s Brett Favre caliber yet, but he’s impressed the heck out of me this season. You have to tip your hat to this kid, especially with all the injuries the Pats have suffered. Cassel came back during the same week of his father’s passing and delivered a footballl eulogy that was very Favre-like. Cards have clinched their division, but they’re one dimensional and overrated in my opinion. PATS.

Panthers +4 at Giants: G-Men have clinched, but that might be causing a severe loss of mojo. Giants aren’t putting much pressure on the QB in recent weeks. G-Men have lost two straight and come up against a very hot Panthers club. DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart get the edge here over a questionable Brandon Jacobs. PANTHERS.

49ers -5 at Rams: The Niners have been a solid money team the last three weeks. Since Mike Singletary pulled his pants up and went to work, this team has been fine. 49ers beat the Bills and Jets, then lost to Miami last Sunday but still covered the spread. Toughness is not anything you will see on the other side of the sideline. NINERS.

Steelers +1 at Titans: The injury to Albert Haynesworth should give the Titans the advantage of being slightly underrated. Pittsburgh is coming off an emotional comeback win over Ravens that clinched the AFC North. There might be a slight letdown here. Titans have to impress at home and try to get their playoff swagger back. TITANS.

Eagles -3 at Skins: Washington is banged up on both sides of the line. Good things usually don’t happen when you’re shuffling offensive linemen around to unfamiliar positions. EAGLES.

Bills +7 at Broncos: Denver may win the AFC West by default. However, they won’t be crowned champs because they’ve performed tremendously or played great competition within their division. Broncos are not that impressive to be favored at that opening line of 7. BILLS.

Texans -7 at Raiders: Texans have been eliminated from the playoffs, but they’re playing like they’re on a Super Bowl roll! They’ve won four straight and I don’t see the Raiders putting up much of a fight here. TEXANS.

Jets -5½ at Seahawks: The Jets have lost two of their last three and we all know they’re lucky they didn’t lose them all. Bills gave them an early Christmas fumble gift. Seneca Wallace has performed admirably the last few weeks. The Seahawks have to win in Mike Holmgren’s last home game. Well, shouldn’t they? SEAHAWKS.

Chargers +4 at Bucs: Tampa Bay has lost two tough road games in a row. Gruden needs a creampuff to fly into town, preferably from the West Coast. Chargers coach Norv Turner will be playing Santa Claus in the Tampa Bay Christmas play this year! BUCS.