Let's 'cover' OT wagering

Dec 23, 2008 5:01 PM
Vaccaro’s View by Jimmy Vaccaro |

"It always happens to me" or "it’s about time I won a game like that."

Such is the echo from every player and book manager from here to Mars after Brandon Jacobs runs it in from the 2 to go give the New York Giants an improbable cover against Carolina.

There was talk years ago about having graded events at the conclusion of the regular game and overtime being non-existent. I don’t know of any such rule and it’s not offered in Nevada.

I know there was talk about this over 20 years ago, but since the advent of computerized systems it was not logistically possible. You would have to enter the score twice and a notation would have to be made on which bettor wanted to end a wager at the end of regulation time.

Like everything a spark has to be added to betting on sports events. I have talked to computer programmers who said in today’s world it is not nearly as hard now. Forget the good outcome or the bad beat. I would hope to see a lot of change to a business that is conducting business in neutral.

The economy still drives business, but hopefully we will try to rekindle a fair and responsive way to energize things. Teasers long have been both a bonanza and a nightmare. However, we should look to create new excitement on how to better utilize point spreads.

Perhaps we can move off a number to get a better price and not just talk about point spread props, which seem to have lost steam this football season. This year for gaming in general (and specifically race and sports books) the "big guys" and "little guys" will come out of the same starting block. They have the same mindset, which is to keep the book busier than that gas station in Tonopah.

Understand me when I say massive changes have to come from the systems. Nobody wants to pay for the R&R, but collectively we just might. So the overtime game is just an example of breathing some life into a bet that has never been offered before.

Now you can sit in your office, play defense and let status quo win or decide to make some moves. Passive is boring. Controlled aggression should be the norm.

Belly up to the counter and say give me the 7 horse in the third race at Belmont or the Chargers -7 for 20 skins. How about the market closing higher tomorrow with Yankees for $100?

It may be way out there in some circles, but I yield that some 30 years ago we couldn’t watch the Giants-Panthers game on a phone either.

Take care from Jimmy V.