NFL: $121K will go in Vegas contests

Dec 23, 2008 7:17 PM
by Mark Mayer | The term "carryover" has been a common event each week in respective NFL Progressive contests at Harrah’s and Lucky’s properties. Together there will be over $121,000 paid out to the respective winners of each contest with the final regular season week guaranteeing that the first prize share will be paid out.

At the Harrah’s properties (Caesars Palace, Imperial Palace, Flamingo, Paris, Harrah’s, Bally’s Rio, Bill’s Gambling Hall & Saloon and Harvey’s-Reno) the top prize is now a record $85,082. David Pemberton, race and sports supervisor for Harrah’s hub at the Rio, said the contest rules state that the contestant with the most correct winners this week will be awarded the jackpot.

In the event more than one entrant selects the greatest number of winners, the pot will be shared among those with the top scores. Anyone can enter at the Harrah’s properties for a $10 fee. The format is 16 games with eight straight up and eight against the spread. "It looks like someone will be making some serious money with our after Christmas sale next week," Pemberton said.

If you like free contests, Lucky’s has its weekly Progressive up to $36,000 after six straight carryovers. Only once has a contestant posted a perfect record in the contest, that occurring some two months ago when the pot was up around $40,000. The best score achieved last week was three losses. The contest format is to select all winners straight up. Point spreads are not used.

As in the Harrah’s contest, Lucky’s will pay out its top prize this week to a winner. If there is a tie, the first prize purse will be split. "We have been very happy with our first year contest and expect a big turnout for the final regular season week of games," said Dan Shapiro, director of marketing at Lucky’s. "It’s going to be a profitable Christmas for someone."

Those wishing to enter the Lucky’s contest can do so locally at the Plaza downtown and at Terrible’s off Flamingo and Paradise Roads. The contest is also available at the Terrible’s location at Primm, which is offering free overnight rooms at the Buffalo Bill’s, Primm Valley and Whiskey Pete’s sites just 35 minutes south of Las Vegas on I-15.