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There’s nothing like a full week of betting football

Dec 30, 2008 5:07 PM

Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

This week is particularly special, as every day will have football action. If we survive this week we’ll have the bookmakers right where we want them.

Well, here we go starting on Tuesday with three "over" games. I’ve already played these games, as the first one, Nevada versus Maryland, should be over 60, and I went over 58.

The Nevada quarterback will account for much yardage, as he can scramble and pass. This may be a good parlay, as UNR is a short 1½ point favorite.

The next game on Tuesday is Rice versus Western Michigan. The number is in the low 70s, but it looks obtainable for an over play. Rice, the short favorite, averages scoring at the 40s at home, and Texas is their home.

Western Michigan favors a passing attack that gains over 100 yards per game, so with both teams throwing, it should lead to high scores and exceed the 70s.

The Oklahoma State and Oregon game is even higher, as 76½ is my number, but I somehow project these two teams to score in the 80s. Absurd, but they both average 41 plus points per game, so I’ll take a shot and hope we get a few pick-sixes or fumbles in the right places for defensive scores.

So now we have three victories on Tuesday, so on to Wednesday. Houston and Air Force can reach 64½, as neither defense will be able to adjust to a total passing game by Houston, and a triple option by Air Force.

Later on we finally get to our first under, as Vanderbilt and Boston College collide in Nashville. BC is a 4-point favorite, but Vandy as the home team should be at least a 1-point favorite. Under 41 should be the play, as my number is 33.

The last play on this day is over 58 for the Insight Bowl. Kansas should kill this Big Ten entry by a barrel full. Kansas -10 and over 58 is another juicy parlay.

On Thursday, your wife will finally get a break, as there is only one play. Play over 45 on USC/Penn game and believe me, Penn State never faced a defense with this much speed in the Big Ten.

It’s time for the pros to take the spotlight with wild card games. History tells us anyone can win these games.

The Ravens have a little more firepower than the Dolphins, so I’ll go with them in a squeaker and under 37.

The Falcons and Cardinals game may also come down to a field goal. As much as I hate to bet against Atlanta, I’ve got to go with an experienced quarterback in Warner as opposed to the Atlanta rookie.

The Eagles and Vikings are an interesting match up, that I have a real feel for. McNabb at Philly is on a roll, and I’m going for him as the great running game of the Vikes will be slowed down by the awesome defense of the Eagles. Adrien Peterson is a great running back but fumbles too often. Lay the 1½ and take Eagles.

I don’t know the numbers on the Colts-Chargers game, but whatever the total is go over, as a shootout here is a certainty.

Well that’s enough for now, as we’ll have so much money at the end of this week we’ll be able to take a few days off.

Have a great week!