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President Bush pardons ex-Bally exec

Dec 30, 2008 5:03 PM
by Ray Poirier | Just over a dozen years ago, Alan Maiss was president of Bally Gaming Inc. before that company was taken over by the late Arthur Goldberg and turned into one of the country’s major casino operators.

At that time, Bally Gaming became involved with two poker machine distributors, World Gaming of Louisiana and Louisiana Route Operators. Federal prosecutors claimed the companies were fronts for mob figures seeking to gain a foothold in Louisiana’s video poker industry.

It was alleged that World Gaming of Louisiana was being operated illegally by an individual named Christopher Tanfield, who did not have a Louisiana gambling license.

In all, 25 people were convicted in the case, including Tanfield.

Maiss made a deal with the prosecutors and pleaded guilty to two counts of failing to report a crime. He was sentenced to a year of probation and fined $5,000.

Bally Gaming was then sold.

Last week, Maiss, who had failed in his appeal to have his guilty plea withdrawn because it affected his ability to earn a living, received a pardon from President George Bush.

Maiss makes his home in Reno, Nevada.