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Ole Miss sent message to Big 12: Later for Sooners

Jan 6, 2009 5:05 PM
On The Mark by Mark Mayer |
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We’re down to cases – the BCS championship game and the NFL divisional matchups. Let’s get busy and block out second half collapses of East Carolina and Buffalo that ruined a potentially stellar week of bowl predictions.


Florida -3½ vs Oklahoma (70): One thing I’m sure of – the Sooners won’t put up 60 on Florida. And, I’m fairly certain the Gators will score at least 30 on Oklahoma, maybe 40. To me the Big 12 is a league full of great quarterbacks, explosive offenses and missing defenses. I think you saw in the Ole Miss-Texas Tech game that the SEC isn’t just a league known for defense.

And, defense is what will ultimately decide the national championship. That and Tim Tebow, for I have yet to see any team stop this junior freak of quarterback nature. Tebow should be the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft and told that the offense will be built around him, not the other way around. The Gators can match Oklahoma’s weapons and they defend better. I’m still not sure Texas shouldn’t be here. Or Southern Cal for that matter. FLORIDA.


Eagles +4 at Giants: Donovan McNabb is playing with a chip on his shoulder and Brian Westbrook is deciding games. When those two are inspired, the Eagles are as good as any team in the NFL. The Giants needed the bye week, but have felt the loss of Plaxico. Add to that, Brandon Jacobs isn’t 100 percent. The teams split close games so no reason to think this won’t be another thriller. We like getting the points. EAGLES.

Cardinals +10 vs Panthers: Most likely the experts have conceded this one to Carolina. But not so fast. True Arizona is brutal traveling cross country, but we’re South in Charlotte and not East like New York, Philly or New England. And, suddenly Edgerrin James has risen from the dead to add life to the run game. Arizona and Kurt Warner can wing it as likely losers plus you know how double-digit favorites have done this year against the number. CARDS.


Ravens +3 at Titans: There is no fear in Ravens rookie QB Joe Flacco and you can bet Tennessee will come up with a game plan to keep any passes away from Ed Reed. Miami made things easy in its loss to Baltimore with four turnovers and no consistent ground game. That won’t be the case here as QB Kerry Collins should give the ball often to Chris Johnson and LenDale White. The bye gave Albert Haynesworth time to heal and Jeff Fisher has the home field edge. TITANS.

Chargers +6½ vs Steelers: The bye week had to help Big Ben, but his effectivness still has to be an issue. Whether LT goes or not isn’t that big a deal as long as mighty mite Darren Sproles runs and Philip Rivers hits passes. I’m not willing to go against San Diego, which has played like a team on a mission. It’s a lot of points for the Steelers to cover. CHARGERS.

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