No fault resolutions -- sportswise -- for the New Year

Jan 6, 2009 5:08 PM
Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

After being a couch potato for the past two weeks, I’d like to expound on what I’ve been able to digest. I am proud to say I didn’t miss any football games, although some were dull and not interesting, especially without a bet; they were almost as bad as watching the NBA.

Some made up for it with sheer enjoyment. I’ve developed a new respect for the play-by-play men, and their partners, who brilliantly analyze the contest for you. How many times have we heard that "he has to make that catch" or "he should have made that tackle?"

Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Many were brilliant in their assessments, even with hindsight instead of foresight. You learn to appreciate guys like John Madden, Cris Collinsworth and especially Monday night’s analyst Ron Jaworski. Concerning "Jaws," his partner on MNF is Tony Kornheiser, who is as out of place as me judging a woman’s gymnastics event.

I didn’t wish everyone a happy new year last week, so please accept it now. While on the subject, many of you have made resolutions. I quit making them 20 years ago, as I couldn’t keep any. Here are a few you might consider:

Stop smoking – I did for about three days once.

Don’t be a stubborn bettor – never let the same team beat you twice in a row in any sport.

If you bet the wrong way don’t re-bet them at halftime to prove a point.

Don’t ever knock ESPN – just imagine where we’d be without them.

Eliminate bad numbers by shopping for good ones or passing the game. Example: laying 3½ in football, or going over 9½ in baseball.

Don’t tap out on what you think is a sure bet – I’ve blown more locks than you can shake a key at.

If you want to win don’t make wagers because you can watch a contest, as numbers are more likely shaded on poplar TV games than others.

If you’re hot and winning keep firing; if you’re cold and losing think about retiring.

Our final college game this season should be one of the best to the viewing public. I think they’ve tabbed the wrong team as the favorite, so I took +3½ and the Sooners. The total opened 71½, and now you’ll find some 70’s, and maybe lower as the game gets closer, so I’ll wait for anything in the 60’s. My number is in the 80’s, so I will bet the farm on the over. It is the play.

In the pros I’ll inform you that in the second round of the playoffs the teams that had a bye last week and are home this week generally win their games. Hopefully at least one visiting team will win, and I believe that will be the Ravens. In a game that may end up in the 20’s, +3 for the Ravens looks good to me.

Each of the four games this weekend is outside, so please pay attention to the Weather Channel. You can recheck our opinions during the week here on the website, and it will include all games beginning Wednesday.

Have a happy and glorious New Year.