United Coin takes over management of Sparks casino

Jan 6, 2009 5:06 PM
by Ray Poirier | United Coin Machine Co., of Las Vegas, one of the state’s largest slot machine route operators, has agreed to run a small Sparks, Nevada, casino for a group of investors from Missoula, Montana.

Grant Lincoln, president and CEO of United Coin Machine Co., identified himself as one of the investors in the acquisition of Baldini’s Sports Casino. He said that his company would take over the operation of the casino that includes some 600 slot machines.

The casino was founded by Donald Baldwin, former owner of a supermarket chain, in 1988, and has been operated by his two children, son, Monty Baldwin, and daughter, Sherry Pringle.

Lincoln cited the casino’s strong customer base as the main reason for the purchase. Also, he said he was confident Reno’s economy will improve soon.

"I would say that we are bullish on Reno. Everybody is getting whacked in this economy and I think Reno may have gotten whacked earlier and more often than a lot of places.

"We really think that the bottom has been hit in Reno."

In addition to providing slot machines to some 600 customers in Nevada, United Coin Machine Co. has been providing operational agreements with some of the state’s smaller casinos.