Deuces get wilder in video poker

Jan 13, 2009 5:05 PM
by GT Staff |

Deuces Wild video poker has always been popular for a couple of reasons. The four wild cards ensure plenty of winning hands. And the payback percentage – as high as 102 percent on full pay machines – is good enough to keep players in action long enough, hopefully, to hit the four deuces jackpot, if not a natural royal.

A variation of the game, Deuces Wild Bonus, takes the game to a new level of excitement. It capitalizes on the Bonus and Double Bonus trend in the latest video poker games.

The game is essentially the same as Deuces Wild poker, except you have more opportunities to hit mid-range jackpots. For instance, players continue to collect their 1,000 coins for the five deuces (with five coins bet), but they can also collect double the amount (2,000 coins) when four deuces appear with an ace as a kicker.

Deuces Wild Bonus also pays more for five-of-a-kind, a relatively common hand with so many wild cards circulating through the deck. Five-of-a-kind typically pays 75 coins, but with Deuces Bonus, the payoffs range from 100 to 400 coins.

As you can see, five-of-a-kind payoffs are substantially higher for the bonus version. The flush and full house payouts are slightly better, and should compensate for the poor return on a straight.

Taking into account the higher five-of-a-kind payoffs, as well as the nominal returns for a straight, optimal playing strategy is adjusted slightly, depending on the number of deuces dealt (if any).

Hands without deuces

Always draw one card to a royal flush, even if it means breaking a pat straight flush.

Always draw two cards to a royal flush, unless you already hold a pat flush or straight flush.

Draw one card to a straight flush unless you already hold a pat flush.

Draw two cards to a straight flush unless you already hold a pat flush.

If you need one card for either a flush or a straight, draw for the flush.

If you need one card for either a flush or a straight and already hold a pair, keep the pair.

Always hold three of a kind. When dealt two pair, discard one of them.

Draw five cards when you don’t have a pat hand and you don’t have a drawing hand mentioned in the above suggestions.

Hands with deuces

When dealt four deuces, hold them unless the fifth card is already an ace.

When dealt three deuces, hold them and draw for the fourth unless having a pat royal flush or five of a kind.

When dealt two deuces, hold them alone and draw unless you already have a pat four of a kind or better. Also, if you need one card for a royal or straight flush, draw for the one card.

When dealt a single deuce, hold any pat hand, except break a flush if you have a one-card draw for a royal or straight flush.