What to do on Saturday without football?

Jan 13, 2009 5:01 PM
Vaccaro’s View by Jimmy Vaccaro |

Well this will be the first time since August that we won’t have football on a Saturday. So how does that affect your betting habits?

If you are not an everyday player will you come out on Saturday and look for something to bet or just find a practical task you have put off for the last 17 Saturdays. We understand the rationale by having both teams play on Sunday as to not to give any advantage or disadvantage of an extra day of rest leading up to the Super Bowl.

I don’t know how to build up excitement anymore than these games have given us, but I think splitting them would give an incremental boost just by having two events on two days as opposed to two games on one day.

From this side of the counter, it would drive people and business to come out at least both days as opposed to one. This would greatly benefit the books. Also, I have found out in the last 40 years that recreational football players are creatures of habit and space their week out to have a game plan for the weekend.

We now know there are games on during the week, but in general the thought process is all about digesting the games after the fact than having five days to talk, formulate and recharge to set up for the next event. This is like guys having a biological clock which they draw to.

You know the day by how close to Saturday you are, which is easier than looking at a calendar. We have three football games left on the season and the next mega push will come in seven weeks for the NCAA conference tourneys leading into March Madness.

So the books need all the event days we can muster for a while. The Hula Bowl has been replaced by the East-West Shrine Game this Saturday in Houston. Next Saturday, is the Senior Bowl from Mobile, Alabama.

But back to this weekend, the pro football card will find all the cash on the Eagles until game time with some buy back there. Same should be true with the Ravens-Steelers game with Baltimore money coming late, if indeed it comes.