Divine intervention as Super Bowl approaches

Jan 13, 2009 5:10 PM
Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

An unusual occurrence happened last week as I scoured sports articles for some type of advantage to report to our loyal readers. For those among us who say there is no God, listen up.

Matt Millen has been hired by NBC to join the network’s broadcasting team for the Super Bowl. So what, you non-believers may say. If this isn’t the break of a lifetime, I don’t know what could be.

Surely prior to the big game Mr. Millen will be required to voice his preferences. It’s no longer going to be necessary to read the hundreds of related articles prior to the the Super Bowl.

To be given a gift of this magnitude for the biggest game of the season has to have some semblance of divine intervention. For any of you who are not familiar with Millen’s prior achievements, he was the No. 1 architect of the Detroit Lions’ football team for eight years, compiling a 31-96 record and culminating with a perfect 0-16 season. I get goose bumps thinking about his picks on Feb. 1. Praise the Lord I’m finally going to get even!

If you saw last Tuesday’s bowl, you’ll see why I keep harping on the Weather Channel. Tulsa and Ball State in Alabama opened at a 77 point total, and closed at 74. But with the advertised bad weather in Mobile they never had a chance to go over and the final score was 45-13.

How about the Boston College football coach who got fired because he interviewed with the Jets! I feel he had no right to double his salary in these trying times. How many of us have tried to improve our status while attempting to climb the ladder of success. The thought occurs to me that if the Athletic Director who fired him was offered the GM job for the Jets would he at least have interviewed for it? Damn right!

Well, we’re down to the Final Four, and NBC has its heart in its hand, as a classic matchup of small market Arizona and Baltimore would indeed be disastrous to them. Pittsburgh and Philly are the favorites, and they may draw even less viewers, as only one state will be represented. When New York and San Diego got knocked out of the playoffs, advertising revenue took a major hit.

Well, welcome to the club boys, the whole country has taken a major economic hit, so why not you? If it gets real bad you can go ahead and request a federal bailout package, but you’ll have to wait in a long line.

Right now I like the Eagles -3 and the Ravens +6. Things may change due to injury reports and weather conditions, but if you just stay here on the website, you’ll see daily updates.

Again, we’ll start putting out the dailies on Wednesday so if things change you’ll be right on top of it.

Have a great week!