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NFL: Pats favored in 2010!

Jan 13, 2009 6:47 PM
by Mark Mayer |

No time like the present to put up next year’s Super Bowl odds. And with all the craziness that is the NFL, it should be no surprise that New England opened the 8-1 favorite despite missing the playoffs this season.

"Even so, the Patriots performed well down the stretch and are one of the best teams in football," said Jay Kornegay, head of race and sports operations at the Las Vegas Hilton. "A lot of teams are happy not to have seen them in the playoffs."

It’s also noteworthy that the longest shots on the board (Oakland, Kansas City, St. Louis and Detroit) opened only at 100-1. Particularly for the 0-16 Lions, that opening price seems very low – an observation Kornegay conceded.

"I think we have to start lower than we have in the past," he said. "In the NFL today teams can make a few changes, sign a few free agents and hire a new coach to suddenly make a run at the playoffs. Look at the success of Miami and Atlanta from a year ago. It’s difficult even with the Lions for us to be offering enormous odds in the NFL."

Another factor is the conservative ratings was what San Diego did down the stretch, winning their final three games and Denver losing its last three to overcome a three-game deficit in the AFC West. The Chargers had been anywhere from 300-1 to 500-1 the week of the Kansas City game when the improbably run began.

"All of this is a learning process on our part," Kornegay said. "Money will change the odds. We put the 2010 odds up early because there is a demand for it. There will be a lot of people coming to Vegas from out of town to watch the Super Bowl. For sure, we will have a lot of futures action then for 2010. It’s already started and the odds have been up for only a day or two."

The Pittsburgh Steelers, favorites to win the AFC title this Sunday, are second choice at 10-1 along with the Indianapolis Colts and last year’s Super Bowl champion New York Giants. Among the remaining teams still in the playoffs, Baltimore and Philadelphia are each 12-1 in 2010 and Arizona is 30-1. Among playoff losers: San Diego and Carolina are 12-1, Minnesota 25-1, Atlanta 30-1 and Miami 40-1.

The complete list of 32 NFL teams is below:


2010 SUPER BOWL ODDS, c/o Hilton

team open current

New England 8-1 8-1

Pittsburgh 10-1 10-1

Indianapolis 10-1 10-1

New York Giants 10-1 10-1

Dallas 10-1 10-1

San Diego 12-1 12-1

Philadelphia 12-1 12-1

Tennessee 12-1 12-1

Baltimore 12-1 12-1

Carolina 12-1 12-1

Minnesota 25-1 25-1

Green Bay 25-1 25-1

New Orleans 25-1 25-1

New York Jets 30-1 30-1

Jacksonville 30-1 30-1

Atlanta 30-1 30-1

Tampa Bay 30-1 30-1

Arizona 30-1 30-1

Denver 30-1 30-1

Miami 40-1 40-1

Houston 40-1 40-1

Buffalo 40-1 40-1

Washington 40-1 40-1

Chicago 40-1 40-1

Seattle 50-1 50-1

San Francisco 60-1 60-1

Cincinnati 60-1 60-1

Cleveland 60-1 60-1

Oakland 100-1 100-1

Kansas City 100-1 100-1

St. Louis 100-1 100-1

Detroit 100-1 100-1