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Horse players: Give thanks to Palace Station

Jan 20, 2009 5:10 PM
Getting Rich with Saber by Richard Saber |
last week

Kudos go out to both Vic Vivio and Zack Goldberg at Palace Station for thinking about us lowly horse players.

Vivio (the race supervisor) and Goldberg (director of race and sports) have put together a big day this coming Saturday in the Book. It’s called Race Comp Saturday with big races coast to coast with it being Sunshine Millions Day.

Palace will have drawings after each race at Santa Anita. Race bettors will receive one ticket every visit to the window with bets that exceed $20. It’s just one ticket, which will be deposited in a drum. A ticket will be drawn after each race and the player will have two minutes to claim the prize.

Up for grabs are buffet comps, and comps to all the other great restaurants at Palace Cabo, Oyster Bar and Pasta Palace. Plus there is a big $100 comp to my favorite place the Broiler.

And, yours truly will be there betting the ponies so come over and say hi. Maybe I can come up with a winner. If not, I am sure Vic will have a good play to pass on. You really have to give Vic and Zack along with Stations credit for doing a promotion like this. With the bad economy, most places cut back. This is one smart move.

I had a great parlay going this past Sunday, but it failed with the late Pittsburgh interception for a score. Now it’s like déjà vu with Pittsburgh opening as a 7-point favorite over the upstart Cardinals. This should be one great game with two outstanding quarterbacks who have been there and won.

You will see no gagging as both have the tough mindset and composure to win. I have been a Pittsburgh fan all my life, but will most likely be betting my hard-earned dough on the Cards especially if I can get +7½. We will wait until next week and see what happens.

Sometimes I really think the end is near especially with all the stupid stuff going on. Just listening to some of these talking heads make me sick. This past week it seemed most of the sportscasters were worried about Tim Tebow the great quarterback of Florida. They seem to think he is much too religious.

Well, I would rather see him make a religious statement than some of this other bull crap that goes on after plays and games. Thanks Tim and keep up the good work in school. Both on and off the field, he is a real role model.

Looking for a good baseball future bet? Well, how about the Florida Marlins to win the World Series. They won six years ago and six years before that. It’s six years again and the 40-1 (Hilton) price is right. We will be giving out more baseball futures as soon as over / under wins are put up on the board.

If you are looking for action don’t forget to go to return to this website -- we supply betting action on a daily basis. Our play of the day has been on fire and there have been a lot of winners with my HTW and Saber’s Daily Horse Selections from Santa Anita and Golden Gate.