Seven Card Stud is a man's poker game

Jan 20, 2009 5:01 PM
Back in the Saddle by Johnny Hale |

I tell my wife Carol that the truest test of poker is Seven Card Stud!

In this game, you must have all the skills of poker. As for playing Texas Hold’em, you can sleep and play the game.

The difference is the common cards of the flop. Everyone has the option of using any of the five common cards to make his best poker hand. When the rubber meets the road and the best hand must be shown to win the pot, it is very easy for the players to know exactly how strong their hand really is.

Let’s say that player Bill holds K (hearts), J (hearts) and the flop is 9 (hearts), 3 (hearts), 2 (hearts).

Now Bill has made a flush and knows for sure that he has the best hand unless someone else holds A (hearts) and another heart.

Unless the board pairs on the turn card (now this opens up all kinds of possibilities) several different full houses can be made. Yes, quads are also possible.

Then the river card is the 7 (hearts) making four hearts on board and Bill is vulnerable to the dry A (hearts) and X. Now Bill has some of the problems of a seven card stud player. To bet or raise is scary since he doesn’t know the strength of his hand.

But Bill has none of the problems of a seven card stud player unless the board pairs or the fourth heart shows up. Bill can snooze and play Hold’em a lot of the time.

Back to the hand: The poker player Bill still has the K (hearts), J (hearts) as his two personal down cards. His next four cards will come face up and there will be betting on third street, fourth, fifth, sixth and the final wagering when the seventh card is dealt down.

Bill must evaluate every hand that is in play and must remember each card that has been dealt up as the play progresses. Each card has approximately two percent of the DNA of the poker hand that is in progress.

Bill must compute his chances of improving his hand in relationship with each card that he can see and cross-compute and also play the hand of each of the remaining active players.

Bill must compute the size of the pot, make a calibrated estimate of the amount of his chips it will take to complete the hand and determine the implied odds if he is successful in making a draw to a hand that he thinks can win.

It is nice if Bill has a photographic mind and can remember all cards that have been exposed for all to see as the game moves forward. This takes a good mind and you must be a solid poker player to do all this remembering, computing and comparing on a rapidly moving game.

When Bill’s opponents have two cards down and one up they may hold either three of a kind, three to a Royal, three to a flush or three to a straight. This along with a pair and a kicker.

Let’s move forward to when Bill’s opponents receive their second card up to go with the two blind cards. It is now possible for his opponent to have quads if the top two cards are a pair. If unpaired, the player may have four to a straight, four to a flush, three of a kind and a kicker, two different pairs or nothing.

Now, we move ahead to Bill’s opponents receiving their third card up to go with the two blind cards. If a pair is showing, the player may have quads or a lot of different full houses. If three in any combination such as 3, 5, 7 are showing, he may already have a straight. If three hearts or any three of a color, he may hold a flush or nothing but his highest card.

Now I will not give you the sixth street card or the river card. You can already see that you cannot sleep and play stud.

When Bill’s opponent has his three personal blind cards and four up cards, he can hold almost anything. A blind royal is possible if any two pieces are in the four up cards. Four of a kind can now be possible with no pair showing.

So that is why Hold’em poker was created by cheaters to become the easiest poker game in the world to remove the sucker from his money. With a slug of only eight cards it is possible to control who will win and how many mechanics can control 52 cards.

OK-J Tip of the Week

• Do not sleep when you are playing poker. When you wake up you may be broke.

• All Hold’em poker games should be played with a shuffle master machine.

• All final tables in poker tournaments and Hold’em games should be dealt with a shuffle master machine. I know several mechanics that can show you a white blackbird.

Until next time remember to Stay Lucky!