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Encore, encore -- as legends leave us

Jan 20, 2009 5:05 PM
The Full Monti by Monti Rock III |

Both local and international media were invited to Encore to experience the latest of Wynn’s Las Vegas creations. It was two fabulous days and nights of dining and entertainment together with grandeur and spectacular sights and service.

The decor at Encore is light and colorful and extends far beyond the entry. For example, the Spa was breathtaking. At every turn throughout Encore were live plants and flowers, which seem to be a true Wynn statement. My suite was spacious and offered a view of both the Strip and the golf course.

The shopping scene at Encore (and everyone knows how Monti enjoys shopping!) was perfect. Everything from Manolo Blahnik to home furnishings. I could spend days shopping and browsing.

There is so much to see and enjoy at Encore it would take more than a couple of days to cover everything. I can report this: The service everywhere at Encore was A-1. That’s also another Wynn statement.

Our first evening included dinner at Sinatra. Yes, that Sinatra. To the delight of Sinatra fans and others, the Sinatra family provided an Oscar, a Grammy and other memorabilia to decorate the restaurant. It was Beverly Hills chic with Ol’ Blue Eyes singing in the background, bringing back to life that great era.

To no one’s surprise the Sinatra restaurant offers up Italian flavors, but with a slightly newer version offered by chef Theo Schoenegger. The entire experience was a delight.

Sidebar to the Sinatra experience includes six degrees of separation between Monti Rock and the Sinatra family. In the early 70’s Monti Rock was under contract to Wes Farrell who owned Chelsea Records. Farrell was married to Tina Sinatra. Frank’s daughter Nancy, who was married to my friend Tommy Sands, used to be a client of mine when I was styling hair in New York City.

By the way, she and Tommy made a lovely couple.

As if the time spent at Encore wasn’t enough, we were all treated to LeReve at Wynn. The show is spec-tac-u-lar!

Everyone expects Danny Gans to continue his unparalleled popularity here in Las Vegas when he opens his show at Encore. His first appearance will be a benefit on Feb. 6 with all ticket proceeds donated to local school charities. Danny is well-known for his charitable offerings and is highly regarded as a true Las Vegas star, having won many accolades such as Entertainer of the Year.

It’s important to add a special acknowledgment concerning Encore. I’m not sure if other resorts have had the forethought to offer such an outing in order to introduce the world to a new resort. In my humble opinion they hit a home run just by inviting the media.

I’ve always thought the media played an important role when it comes to Las Vegas and all this city has to offer. Perhaps Wynn has set a precedent of sorts. Time will tell.

Seems both The Scintas and "Menopause the Musical" will be leaving the Las Vegas Hilton, and soon. Just spoke to my friend Paige O’Hara who stars in "Menopause" and it sounds like the show may be looking for another venue. Both The Scintas and "Menopause the Musical" have enjoyed success at the Hilton as does headliner Barry Manilow.

There has been mention over the last few weeks that a burlesque type show may fill the room at the Hilton after The Scintas and "Menopause" leave. Maybe it’s time for a real change. Unfortunately one of those changes is the closing of "Folies Bergere," the longest running show on the Strip. After an astounding 49 years, "Folies" will close in March. That leaves "Jubilee" as the only other production show of its kind to keep those showgirls and costumes alive.

One of the most spectacular and star studded events I’ve been privileged to attend was the recent 10th Annual Benefit for National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). Society and stars walking down the red carpet included Clint Holmes, his very lovely wife Kelly Clinton, Zowie Bowie, Steven Weber and Alan Thicke.

Others guests included my old friend Alice Cooper, Bailey Chase, Robert Hayes, Dominick Allen and ex-NFL star turned actor Ed Marinaro. My guests included Lance and Eva Posner along with my dear friend Gale Burton. It was a wonderful event and I love the occasional black-tie affairs.

This week brought us the sad news that veteran actors Ricardo Montalban and Patrick McGoohan have passed away. Ricardo, as his fans well remember, was the host of "Fantasy Island’ on TV. He was also a romantic leading man at MGM, having starred in films with Esther Williams, Cyd Charisse and Lana Turner.

Patrick starred in TV shows "The Prisoner" and "Secret Agent," as well as in films such as "Escape From Alcatraz" and Braveheart."

Our own Jerry Lewis to receive a special award at this year’s Oscar ceremony for his work as one of the world’s great humanitarians.

Donny Osmond on "Dancing With the Stars?" This may happen next season as per his radio interview this week. Rita Rudner just got a three-year extension for her show at Harrah’s. Kudos to Rita, who keeps her show clean as well as funny. That’s a novelty in this age of "anything goes."

Yours truly, the Rev Monti, can now be seen on YouTube. Search for Monti Rock and catch a glimpse.

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