I still have Super memories of 1967 Packers-Chiefs

Jan 20, 2009 5:03 PM
Vaccaro's View by Jimmy Vaccaro |

I suppose we will all have that moment in time remembering what we were doing when Barack Obama takes the oath as President of the United States in a time when strong leadership is so much needed.

Let’s recall in our arena on when and what we remember about some Super Bowl past games. I figure a lot of GamingToday readers were not even around when the Packers beat up on the Chiefs in 1967. I got my ticket from Cyrak’s gas station in Youngstown, Ohio at +13 which was a receipt after the 35-10 result was posted.

For Super Bowl III with the Jets handing the Colts a stunning 16-7 loss, we timed the baptism of my godchild around halftime in order not to miss much of the game.

My biggest early disaster came on Jan. 21, 1979 when our little store at Royal Inn Casino got carted out with 35-31 final that had the Steelers-Cowboys line as low as 2½ and reaching 5 in some spots. And, the infamous rail-splitter final came to pass.

The legendary "middler" Sam Brown probably had tickets not cashed when he was laid to rest. It wasn’t easy telling Michael Gaughan that we lost 185K believing I did a good job.

The age of the props became mainstream in 1986 when the Bears beat the Pats 45-10. The score was secondary as the newspapers went wild learning they could bet on "The Fridge" scoring a touchdown. The number was bet unmercifully down and I can still hear the joys of bettors and groans from the shops up and down the Strip. (Pictured: Mike Ditka, William Perry (72) and the 1986 Bears triggered prop wagers)

In 1995, the Chargers were to face the mighty 49ers as a three-touchdown underdog. This is when it finally sunk in that followers of their team will bet the money line no matter how much the worst of it they take. With the game in Miami, I believe everyone over 21 drove to Las Vegas to bet on their team to win.

I opened up the money line -800 (+600) and they were taking +270 at post. Joints were looking to layoff money because the liability was getting pretty high. I was in good shape as we did have someone bet over $2 million on the 49ers at -800. The 49-26 score was not even that close.

I am sure you also have stories of what super bowl impacted you the most and where you were at when it happened. The roman numerals keep building up and we are still standing so that’s a good thing.

This year might be number 43 for some and I for others, but i do guarantee if you got a ducat in your pocket, Feb. 1, 2009 will be in your memory.