Props rule in NFL Super Bowl betting

Jan 27, 2009 5:11 PM
On The Mark by Mark Mayer |

With this being Super Bowl week and having been deluged in prop bets, look for college basketball picks in 2 For Tuesday. Of course, the way things stand, perhaps one day is best.

The props have taken Super Bowl wagering to a whole new dimension ever since Jimmy Vaccaro opened the door with Refrigerator Perry. The creative would find this method much more interesting than the Steelers-Cardinals game itself. I’m more old school and prefer to root for the teams rather than the circumstance.

But in the spirit of helping beat the house, here are some of the prop choices that look promising:


OVER 59½

(+375): Arizona is averaging 31 points in the playoffs and Pittsburgh 29. Might we worth a shot.

Steve Breaston’s first catch: It’s over/under 10½ yards. Most balls Breaston catches are 20+. OVER.

Total INTs: The over/under is 2½. I’m feeling that both Warner and Big Ben will be on target. UNDER.

Total TDs: The over 5½ is +130. I see a lot of scoring. OVER.

Will it be tied after 0-0? I can see 7-7 at +115. YES.

Roethlisberger passing yards (230½): Big Ben is coming out throwing. OVER.

Rushing yards by Gary Russell (2½): Russell is Pittsburgh’s best short yardage runner. He’ll win this one (+105) and score a TD (+250).

Total yards by Carey Davis (0.5): Davis is the Steelers fullback, in case you didn’t know. He’s had a couple of catches in the playoffs. OVER.

Longest reception by Santonio Holmes (20½): Yo Holmes is the home run threat. This shouldn’t be a problem. OVER.

Total catches by Heath Miller (3½): This is Ben’s safety blanket. Heath could catch 6 or 7. OVER.

Total rushing yards by Tim Hightower (17½): Hightower should see a lot of action in the second half as the Cards give Edgerrin James more rest. OVER.

Total receiving yards by Anquan Boldin (66½); Pittsburgh will be looking to stop Fitzgerald. Boldin’s celebrated outburst will put him more in the game plan. OVER.

Who scores more, LeBron or Steelers? A dead even -110 prop. I can see James going off for 40 on Super Bowl day. LeBRON.

What’s more, Varejao points or Super Bowl 43 margin? Anderson Varejao is getting +1½. I’m giving AJ 14 points. VAREJAO.

More Holmes catches or Prince made free throws? Tayshaun is +½. He’s a jump shooter. Santonio can come up with at least 5. HOLMES.

Parker rushing yards or Portland State points? The Vikings (not Minny) are getting 5½. Zona has improved in the playoffs against the run. PORTLAND ST.

Els birdies or combined sacks? I’m thinking Ernie will pick up six birdies in his final round at Dubai. Ernie is +½. ELS.

Cards TDs or Liverpool-Chelsea goals? Since I see half of soccer as 1-0, I’ll give the -½. CARDS.

Combined TDs or Senators-Capitals total goals?: I can see 7 goals and that many touchdowns at least. TD’s.

Opening coin toss (-101): I feel HEADS.

And finally:

Steelers -7 vs Cards (46½): No need to get into details. Iskoe, The Dog, Saber, Stratto, Diamond and Feist have done all that for you. The 7 is just where I thought it would be, which puts me on the bubble. I do think this will be a shootout in probable ideal weather conditions at Tampa. The Cards are hot and Big Ben makes plays. I still have that 40-1 Cardinals ticket, which clouds my objectivity. But I’m not opposed to touchdowns. CARDS/OVER.

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