One 'Super' day at Planet Hollywood

Jan 27, 2009 5:03 PM
Getting Rich with Saber by Richard Saber |
last week

If you want to take in the Super Bowl right, there’s no better place than what Planet Hollywood has cooked up. David Snock, race and sports director at PH, is truly the man.

Here’s the deal. For every $100 wagered on the Super Bowl, players will receive a drawing ticket for a Super Bowl 43 helmet autographed by former Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Randy White. The drawing will be held at 8 p.m. this Saturday.

Also appearing on Saturday from 2-4 p.m. is the lovely Kara Monaco, the 2006 Playmate of the Year. Those making a wager on the big game can have their picture taken with Kara.

And that’s not all. Also appearing in the Book this Saturday (5-7 p.m.) are two of the NFL’s most feared running backs, Eric Dickerson and Christian "The Nigerian Nightmare" Okoye along with veteran quarterback/TV personality Rodney Peete. They too will give out autographs for those who make a Super Bowl wager. It should be a great time at the Planet. Plus, David has produced 350 props.

"I like Nate Washington at 15-1 to score the first touchdown," Snock said. "I also like Arizona with the points, but not to win."

This past Saturday the Palace Station had its first giveaway day in the race book. It was such a rousing success that the guys at Palace (Vic Vivio and Zack Goldberg) are planning to do it once a month. The next giveaway is Feb. 21. The prizes were great with free rooms, show and food comps plus other surprises. Yours truly may drop by as well.

Make sure you try mother Clara Vivio’s apple banana cake. If only I can buy it somewhere and not have to wait until Feb 21!

Things seem backward in today’s world. Losers get rewarded for failing and winners get punished. Schools want the bad students to get the same grade as the good ones. This past week a girls high school basketball team won 100-0. The amazing thing is the coach of the team that won got fired.

Now, I would have fired the other coach for putting such a bad team on the court. If this coach wants to teach manners, then coach a cooking and etiquette class.

I have always appreciated beauty, whether it’s a sunrise, a no hitter, or a great run and catch. But, I especially appreciate a beautiful girl like the new Miss America Katie Stam from Indiana. She won the title last Saturday at Planet Hollywood and all I can say is wow! She is spectacular.

Now to the Super Bowl. I ran into a guy last week who has made his living by betting. He started to talk about the Big Game (we have to be careful as the NFL mafia may be listening and can’t stand anyone using Super Bowl). Anyway he said the line on the game was just not right.

He said the worst teams in the NFL this year were only getting between 9 and 12 points on the road and now we have a hot Arizona team getting 7 on a neutral field. Plus, the Cardinals can score and are playing a Steelers team that really plays close to the vest.

This guy says to take the +7 in what should be a 3-point game and hope your team gets the ball last.

I noticed one prop that looked like a cinch but you’ll need extra $100s. You can take the Steelers at +14½, but you would need to put up $13,000 to win $1,000. This one is for all the folks that have bailout money. By the way the Steelers opened at -4½ at home against the Ravens who had very little defense?