Find value in these Super Bowl props

Jan 27, 2009 5:04 PM
Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

Let’s go directly to the Super Bowl props as Jay Kornegay, the Director of the Hilton Sports Book, has inexplicably once again allowed me to wager from his famous prop sheet.

I can’t believe he gave me the "go ahead" as in the last four years or so I’ve almost broken even. Now there’s a man who’s got plenty of guts.

The proper way to attack this game is to first analyze how you believe the game will unfold. My opinion is the Steelers will win with a strong running attack and an outstanding defense. However the Cardinals I expect to score with a superb passing attack led by the two best wide receivers on the same team. With that projection in mind here are a few of the 35 different props that I’ve already invested in.

• Will either team score three straight times – no +165. I’m a sucker for a big plus.

• Last score of the first half – any other score -110 other than a touchdown. More times than not the field goal is the last score of the first half.

• Will there be a special teams or defensive touchdown – yes + 165. Look out brother here comes Palomalu.

• Will Willie Parker score a TD – yes -110.

• Will Gary Russell score a TD – yes +250. One of the above will score one, hope it’s Russell.

• Total receiving yards by Hines Ward – over 65½ -110. One long completion and we’ll be there.

• Total rushing yards by Gary Russell – over 2½ even. If he gets two carries this one will be easy.

• Will Heath Miller score a TD – yes +200. Third and four in the red zone he becomes our man.

• Will Steelers get a first half rushing TD – yes +110. Why not?

• Total rushing yards by Steelers - over 114½ , -110. I expect them to run as much as possible.

• Gross passing yards by Warner – over 254½ -110.

• Total pass attempts by Warner – over 39½ -110.

• Total completions by Warner – over 23 ½ -110.

• Total rushing yards by Edgerrin James – over 42½ -110.

• Will Larry Fitzgerald score a touchdown – yes +110.

• Will Edgerrin James score a touchdown – yes +300.

• Total points by Cardinals – over 20 even.

• Total points by Jeff Reed – over 8½ +120.

For additional prop bets, keep checking this website. If you’re a teaser bettor, try a 6 point teaser with the Steelers and over 41.

Have a great week!