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Wheel it for jackpots

Jan 27, 2009 5:06 PM
Slots of Luck by L. Sabin |

EDITOR’S NOTE: Gaming Today’s L. Sabin has made it her passion to hit a Megabucks jackpot. While yet to succeed, she has learned the ways of the slots.

With the economy struggling as it is, more often than not gamblers try badly to win the big jackpots. You know, people tend to do things in desperate times.

Well, most players believe Megabucks is the way to win millions. I’m not so sure. To me, if you really want to stand a chance at winning some jackpots, the one that hits more often is Wheel of Fortune.

The longtime popular slot game from IGT offers the choice of $5, $1, 50 cent, 25 and 5. The 50-cent doesn’t hit often mainly because people tend not to play it.

Another advantage to Wheel of Fortune over Megabucks is that it only costs $2 for one spin. Megabucks will cost you $3 for a spin at the $1 machine. The Wheel of Fortune payout starts at $500,000 instead of the $10 million for Megabucks, but Wheel is hit more often.

 Anyone can just go to the website and get all the information on what machines hit, when they hit, where and what the current jackpot is. For example, the penny Megabucks hasn’t hit since 2007, while the Wheel of Fortune was already hit twice this month – Jan. 9 (25-cent machine) at Wynn and Jan. 11 ($1, at the Flamingo Hilton – and last August at the Venetian (50-cent).

The $1 megabucks jackpot hasn’t hit since May 7, 2007 at the Palms. If you’re wondering that all these hits happened at large casino/resorts, I’ve thought about that as well.

A lot of times the larger casinos get more plays so naturally the chance of a jackpot hitting there increases. But, you can hit jackpots at smaller casinos. My good friend told me about seeing bus loads of vacationers here from Hawaii heading straight for the Wheel of Fortune machines at the downtown California.

And, I find that games hit fairly soon after you sit down. So I recommend not filling the machines with $20s. These machines will pay off. You just have to be there when they do.