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GamingToday's complete Super Bowl coverage

Jan 27, 2009 7:37 PM

Quarterbacks play key roles in Super Bowl:
by David Stratton | Although many football fans would say the Super Bowl doesn’t have the best of match-ups, the game on Sunday is shaping up as an intriguing contest.

Props rule in NFL Super Bowl betting:
On The Mark by Mark Mayer | With this being Super Bowl week and having been deluged in prop bets, look for college basketball picks in 2 For Tuesday. Of course, the way things stand, perhaps one day is best.

Super Bowl winning quarterback will have 2 rings:
Feist Facts by Jim Feist | Some quarterback is going to get his second Super Bowl ring this weekend.

Super Bowl isn't dead game -- just dead number:
Vaccaro’s View by Jimmy Vaccaro | Here in Reno for the countdown to Super Bowl 43, I had dinner with my fellow sport book honchos Nicky Bogdonavich and Chris Andrews. We agreed and disagreed on when and how the late money will show. 

Andy Iskoe's NFL Records and Scoring Averages:
Andy Iskoe's seasonal NFL Averages & Rankings includes teams’ straight up records, against the spread records, over/under records, average rush, pass, and total yards per game, average rush, pass, and total yards against per game, net yards, net turnovers and more.

Sports books foresee better Super Bowl:
by David Stratton | Nevada’s bookmakers are hopeful that this year’s Super Bowl will produce better results for the state’s sports books than last year’s debacle.

Round Robin for sports betting:
Even though the football season is nearly over, there’s plenty of betting action with the upcoming Super Bowl and basketball entering the heart of its season.

Let all those Super Bowl prop bets begin:
Feist Facts by Jim Feist | In the world of 11 to 10, there’s nothing quite like Super Bowl week. In this case, it’s two weeks, as the champions of the AFC and NFC have 14 days to prepare for the Big Game.

Early Line Super Bowl Propositions Wagers:
With Vegas sports book directors and staffs locked in their War Room all day Monday to devise several hundred Super Bowl proposition bets that will attract public money, here are some tidbits we figure you will see for the Cardinals-Steelers.

Even Bowl losers can win:

by GT Staff | The nice thing about betting the Super Bowl is that even with losing wagers, you still can win something.