Lovin’ 5-ways in live Keno!

Feb 3, 2009 5:02 PM
Keno Lil |

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"I’m having a hard time deciding between two keno tickets to play. The first is a 22-way-5 for 50¢ a way and a 7-way-deuce for $1 grouped 2222 111 for a ticket cost of $18. The second is a 12-way-5 for 50¢ a way and a 6-way-deuce for $1 grouped 222 111 for a ticket cost of $12.

I am kind of leaning towards the ticket that uses 11 numbers because of my chances of hitting multiple fives. What are the odds of hitting a 5-spot on each ticket?

You know that Keno Lil loves 5-spot way tickets so either one of these are fine. I would not play the deuces though. On most tickets deuces do not pay enough back to warrant the investment. You have more of a chance mathematically to hit a solid five before going broke if you just stick to 5-spots.

If you just play the 5-spots the 22-way-5 will cost you $11 and the 12-way-5 will cost you $6. If you delete the deuce play you can play both 5-spot ways for only $17. You will increase dramatically your chances of hitting a solid five. You won’t get the $12 from the deuces. They only happen on average every 2-3 games, which impacts your bankroll negatively.

Also would try to find a good special 5-spot rate that pays around $1,000 on the solid five for a $1 bet. That way you will get at least $500 on your 50¢ 5-spot wager when hit.

Of course the 11 number ticket hits a lot more on the solid fives since there are more 5-ways and that the extra two numbers will result in one hit every two games over the 9-spot ticket. If it happens at the right time you are in luck.

One on my favorite way fives is the 12-way with 16 numbers grouped 3-3-3-2-2-2-1. It should average four hits per game.

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