Props to casinos that book horses

Feb 10, 2009 5:06 PM
Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

It has always been my opinion that horseplayers are the most valuable people to visit the race and sports book. Each dollar they spend is guaranteed money in your establishment’s pockets. For years they absorbed all of the expenses for the operations, including payrolls of employees.

If a book had strong horse volume they also would put you in the enviable position of showing a profit every month. Before pari-mutuel betting began in Nevada as well as afterwards they were able to account for almost 20 percent profit on the total volume.

The tracks did almost all the work, paying purses, providing a facility to house the horses, governing the results, providing adequate audio and video that reached out to Nevada and New Jersey race books.

All this is delivered without any financial liability to each race book. So maybe there’s another side to the story in the present negotiations with the disseminators of 17 different tracks throughout the U.S.

In any case the revenue that’s lost today can never be recovered. Worse yet, some of your players may find other outlets, and that’s a more crucial scenario.

We shouldn’t let principle interfere with sound business judgment. We’ve seen in the past where principle cost Nevada a great deal of un-recovered revenue. We need it now, so lighten up a little bit and let ’em rip. The flag is up. Kudos to those that are booking these tracks by themselves.

Because the NBA goes almost every night, injury reports are not as timely nor as accurate as say the NFL. As one player carries more importance in basketball, it’s a difficult job projecting potential winners on a weekly basis.

GamingToday puts out daily selections on its website and winners are more easily projected. Coaching decisions to sit out a star may also be significant to the outcome of a contest.

A huge example of this occurred last week on Feb. 3, when the Spurs sat out four of their players for an entire game, including Duncan, Parker and Genobli. How would you have felt if you bet the Spurs that night? (P.S., the Spurs covered!)

Head coaches are the most important architects of tempo, and we may speculate on a few teams that are susceptible to delivering betting totals over and under on a fairly regular basis.

Over: Don Nelson of the Warriors is completely an up-tempo guy. His basic problem is his personnel appear at breakneck speed but really aren’t good enough to consistently put the ball in the hole. It’s true you get your money’s worth when they play, as all guys want to score big.

Another over team is the Knicks, who have less good players than Nelson, but are always on the up-tempo mode. Currently the Pacers are perhaps the best over team playing. The odds makers have finally caught up with their tempo.

George Karl’s Nuggets also attempt an up-tempo game, but are inconsistent due to perhaps too much emphasis on star Anthony. Jerry Sloan’s Jazz usually score big at home, but I haven’t put them in due to excessive injuries that have been limiting the club’s production.

None of the preceding five teams should ever be bet under, as they are all capable of big numbers. However, when the line comes out in the high 220s or more they should be passed, as one bad quarter takes them out of the equation.

Have a great week and please buy American.