Kentucky Derby looks for Chief Party Officer

Feb 10, 2009 5:01 PM
by Ray Poirier | So you thought your son or daughter wasted four years at college just spending his or her time partying?

And now the graduate holds a bachelor’s certificate but hasn’t accumulated the necessary training to get a job?

You’re wrong. At least the executives who run Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, think so.

They are now seeking that party-graduate to become the company’s "CPO" that stands for "Chief Party Officer."

In a recent flyer, the company wrote, "The search for the ideal executive officer of The People’s Party began at the first major sporting event of the year – Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa, Florida – and will continue on the social networking site Facebook through Feb. 28."

So get that kid out of bed and tell him or her to get out the old partying books they used at college and start boning up … "Opportunity Knocks."

 Explained the company, "The Kentucky Derby infield offers a one-of-a-kind all-out party atmosphere that is a crucial part of the Derby tradition…The non-stop revelry can test the most die-hard partiers, so a CPO candidate must be able to take the reins and lead our infield nation to new heights of fun and frivolity."

To enter the 2009 Kentucky Derby Chief Party Officer contest, fans must:

Record a two-minute video explaining why they have what it takes to lead the biggest party in the nation;

Visit the official CPO Web site at to fill out the official entry form and review official contest rules, and

Follow the link provided to upload their video applications to the official CPO Facebook page, where video entries can be viewed by and shared with Facebook users.

Unfortunately, Dad and Mom, the job may only last for one day.