IGT, WPT a winning pair in poker bonus progressives

Feb 17, 2009 5:10 PM

At some point, you knew it had to happen – the melding of poker and slots. Of course, it took industry giant IGT to pull it off and they’ve done it in a big way with their new World Poker Tour Multi-Level Progressive slots.

The games feature a combination of classic 5-reel slots, plus the chance to play against the top stars on the World Poker Tour and win huge jackpots in a Heads Up Hold’em bonus round.

The classic 5-reel base game features four intriguing 20-payline themes with more in the works.

To start, players have a shot at a new 7-level progressive with a mystery trigger for the bonus round, and a symbol-driven wide area progressive award.

It’s worth noting that players can bet any amount and number of paylines to be eligible for the thrilling Heads Up Hold ‘Em bonus, where they can win one of seven progressive awards and play against their favorite World Poker Tour personality.

Of course, the more you bet, the more chances you have of getting into the bonus play. And when you land in the bonus round, that’s when the poker fun begins.

The bonus begins with the player being dealt a two-card hand out of a standard 52-card deck. The player may choose to discard the starting two cards and have two new cards dealt randomly from a new standard 52-card deck.

If you’re not a poker expert, "Best Strategy" suggestions (when to re-draw or keep cards) are delivered on screen.

Discarding and re-dealing may be done a maximum of two times.

Five shared cards are dealt face-up and the best 5-card poker hand chosen from among the player’s two cards and the five shared cards is compared to the best 5-card poker hand chosen from among the opponent’s two cards and the five shared cards.

If the player’s hand is the better of the two, or the hands tie, the player advances to the next level; otherwise, the bonus ends and the player is awarded the value of the level attained.

Winning all seven levels awards the top (maximum) value!

When the bonus is complete, the player wins the highest-level progressive award achieved with a winning hand.

Local jackpots are awarded based on bonus game play, while wide-area progressives are achieved (hopefully!) through the 5-reel game.

Either way, the World Poker Tour Mystery Progressives game makes for intense action. Check them out in a nearby casino.