Poker hints from my house

Feb 17, 2009 5:06 PM
From the Heart by ‘Oklahoma’ Sarah |

I’ve had a lot of long poker training sessions with my dad, Oklahoma Johnny Hale and mom Carol. Here’s a sample of one of our talks!

Dad explained that I should put my poker game on autopilot and know approximately how much money is in the pot at all times. If the pot has $150 and someone bets it all and I’m thinking of calling, one of the considerations is what odds I’ll be getting.

Johnny: One of the considerations as to calling is whether the pot is worth it.

You do this by evaluating the amount in the pot, the amount of the bet and the probabilities of improving your hand enough to win.

An expert player may take into consideration the implied odds, but it is best for the average player to disregard implied odds (this is the additional money that may or may not come into the pot later). "Meat on the bone" is just Oklahoma poker talk, meaning that there is a lot of money in the pot.

I believe the worst bet in poker is the bad beat jackpot. If you play 20 hours a week, get in 40 hands per hour and play 50 weeks of the year, you will have played in about 40,000 hands.

If you win 20 percent, you will have paid $8,000 into the bad beat jackpot pool. Your chances of winning the bad beat jackpot are off the board.

Johnny: What is the best bet in a casino poker game for a tourist?

Carol: I know my best bet is the one I cannot lose. If I win, I get to keep all the money! If I lose, you just make me even by giving me part of your winnings. That way you never lose!

For me, the best bet for a tourist is the bad beat jackpot bet! The tourist comes to town and plays poker say 30 hours while in Las Vegas. The jackpot has been built up to over $100,000 by the local poker players. The tourist sits down and wins the $100,000 bad beat jackpot after only a few hours of playing.

OK-J Tip of the Week:

In the casino world, you send out winners to get players. Although the bad beat jackpot is not so good for the local player, they are the very best bet a visitor will ever find in Las Vegas. So, let the visiting poker players pay the light bill!

From myself and Sarah, always stay lucky!