Viva Las Vegas in a Monopoly slot machine

Feb 24, 2009 5:06 PM
Slots of Luck by L. Sabin |

I happened to be at Mystic Lodge on the Boulder Highway when noticing a Viva Monopoly slot I never knew existed.

Viva Monopoly is a 5-reel stand alone video slot machine developed by WMS and powered by 3D graphics. Players trigger bonuses by lining up a bonus symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5. Players then pick one of the three symbols to enter into the bonus round.

What I liked about Viva Monopoly was its Vegas theme with money clips, dice and stacks of chips on the reels. It’s a 30-line game up to 10 coins, but I just played two coins per line or 60 cents,

There are four different bonus rounds in Viva, but what’s really neat is that each bonus automatically awards points plus the bonuses open up a secondary screen where you can win more bonuses.

The bonuses are scattered and you need three to qualify. Once the bonus round is obtained, the screen tells you which of the four bonus rounds to play. My first bonus was the stretch limo. It opened a secondary screen with five yellow limos in a big garage. You choose one and the longer the limo, the more money you collect.

I won $12 in this instance. Then Mr. Monopoly pops out of the sun roof and gives you a secondary bonus. It includes a chance at the top section above regular screen. I wound up with a $19 winner.

Then I got a second bonus called the Big Money Roller. There are red dice, blue dice and three big arrows. Touch one of the arrows and dice get rolled out. You again go up to top section. When the red and blue dice intersect, it shows what you win. It can be a dollar amount or another game. I only got around $7.

But playing the game for awhile paid off. I got Free Spin Bonus with one of the reels becoming a wild card or 5x worth eight free spins. I hit for $51 all together. Then I hit a five of a kind Money Clip for $10 before cashing out with $65 off a $20 investment.

I wasn’t able to reach the Mega Casino Bonus where casino patrons on a virtual airplane go to different casinos and play various slots. There’s a slot machine like a community chest, which could range from a trip to a high limit room and other prizes.

Maybe next time, but the overall experience was much fun and profitable.